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Temperance Hall, Trenton Grand gala night! in commemoration of the glorious 4th 4th of July 1776. : Sanford's Opera Troupe! will appear on Friday evening, July 3d, 1863, and Saturday afternoon and evening, July 4th presenting the entire troupe in an entir

Temperance Hall, Trenton for two nights only. Sanford's Opera Troupe : This far-famed Philadelphia institution will appear at the above hall, on Friday and Saturday evenings, Oct. 28th and 29th, 1864 the whole under the immediate direction of Samuel S. Sa

Temperance Hall Trenton. One night more! of Sanford and his opera troupe, : from his opera houses Philad'a and Harrisburg Great change of programme! Read the selections. This Wednesday evening, June 3d, 1863, ... Street warblers! ... Donnybrook fair! ...