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New price list, Pettee's patent improved envelopes.

New price list.

Henry Cohen's wholesale price list of envelopes, folded by improved steam machinery, 507 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

United States internal revenue.

Directions for using Francis & Loutrel's patent composition rollers.

The Esterbrook Steel Pen Manufacturing Company, 75 John Street, New York.

Dennison's patent direction label. Dennison's shipping cards.

Diaries for 1869.

Miscellaneous manuscript items from the Rose and Leon Doret Collection of Business Ephemera.

At the request of Messrs. Schifflin & Co.

Price list of J. W. Guttknecht's lead pencils, imported only by A. Schmidt & Co., sole agents for the United States, 16 Murray Street, New York.

We beg leave to call attention to the "expansive document envelope," patented August 16th, 1864, an article which has long been wanted by the business community...

Liquid regialine glue.

Charles Shields & Co. lithographers, label publishers and printers, 23 Platt Street, and 20 & 22 Gold Street, New York.

Catalogue of T. Shriver & Co's patent improved letter copying presses.

Walter Shriver's patent letter copying brush, with reservoir handle, holding water enough to make 75 to 100 copies.

Pettee's patent envelopes.

Price list of goods manufactured by Wm. Staehlen, 54 Cedar Street, New York.

The Bell Top Mucilage bottle.

Swartwout's patent metallic paper fastener.

Office of the Swartwout Manufacturing Co., 42 Cedar St.

Dear Sir...

Office of M. Thalmessinger, late Thalmessing & Cahn, manufacturing and importing stationer, 310 Broadway, New York, March 18th, 1868.

310 Broadway, New York, March 16th, 1868, Dear Sir...

Revised and reduced price list.

Specimen sheet of Johnson's buff tinted copying paper, manufactured and sold by Thomas, Howard & Johnson, Buffalo, N. Y.

Get the best and only warranted stamp.

Diaries for 1865, published by Willy Wallach, importer & dealer in stationery, no. 43 John Street, New-York.

Wholesale price list of patent diaries for 1869.

Clark & Sons 230 Dock St. Phila.

The American News Company's list of diaries for 1868.

Factory established 1865. American Lead Pencil Co., N.Y.

Diaries for 1869, published by Moss & Co.

Diaries for 1865, published by Moss & Co., booksellers, stationers and blank book manufacturers, no. 430 Market Street, Philadelphia.

Reduced price list of envelopes, manufactured by Owens & Agar, no. 110 William Street, New York.

A new article.

Myers' novelty pencil holder, patented July 10th, 1866.

James L. Neiler & Co., manufacturers of American mucilage, for bank, office and general use, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.

Henry G. Norton & Co. rubber goods, 359 Broadway and 71 Franklin Street, New York, October 1, 1867.

List of prices of Joseph Gillott's steel pens.

Keep copies of all your letters in the Penn letter book.

The Penn combination marking apparatus.

Wholesale and retail price list of goods made at the Penn Manufacturing Works, Philadelphia.

Bill-head paper, envelopes and flat writing papers.

Patent ready-strung direction labels, the strongest and most convenient in use.

Preserve this sheet for reference.

Prices of the ready-strung label.

Prince's improved protean fountain pen, patented in the United States January 23d, and December 25th, 1855.

Hufty's double-length profile paper, rulings 42 inches long by 14 1/2 inches wide.

Trade discounts.