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A native of New Holland taken from the life.

Columbia trading with all the world.

The darktown fire brigade - saved! [graphic] / Thos. Worth.

New transfer picture-album offering a collection of fine transfer pictures and the direction how to fix them [graphic].

A bran new coon in town

[Proofs from specimen album loose prints collection]

[Chas. McKeone & Son Soap Manufacturing Co. trade cards]

[Chas. McKeone & Son Soap Manufacturing Co. trade cards]

Beadle's half dime singer's library. Selected favorites. Comic and sentimental songs of all nations and ages. [graphic] : "An encyclopedia of song." For sale here. Price five cents. / N. Orr, N. Y.

Missionary Society of the Evangelical Association of North America [certificate]

The International Exposition 1876 at Philadelphia, PA. U.S.A.

[Geo. S. Harris & Sons print specimens]

[Incomplete set of racist playing card game Game of In Dixieland. No. 1118] [graphic].

Civil War stationery collection

The United States Centennial International Exhibition.

[Scrapbook with periodical illustrations, comic valentines, and patent medicine advertisements]