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Connecticut state building interior.

Main building South Ave. from east end.

Main aisle, Horticultural Hall, Nov. 26, 1901.

[Main Building from southwest]

Victoria Court, Australian Sec. M.B.

Porcelain ware, Japanese Court.

[Janes & Kirtland fountain, Agricultural Hall nave, 1876]

Chilian Mineral Exhibit, Main B.

The Water Babies.

Ag[ricultural] Hall, the fountain.

M.B. from E. Gallery.

Exhibit at the Centennial Exposition 1876.

Pennsylvania State Fair

Union Avenue.

Centennial Exhibition Philadelphia Album

Terra cotta ware, Portugese [sic] sec.

[James Green and Nephew display]

Horti. Hall interior, from W. end.


Main Building transept from N. Gallery.

Agri. Hall, Main Avenue.

Corliss engine. Mach Hall

Centennial Exhibition, Philadelphia. 1876.

First steamboat on Hudson River.

U.S. Chemical Dep't. Main Building.

Machinery Hall, S. Avenue looking east.

Franklin Institute Exhibition 1874.

Memorial Hall Annex, Am. Dept.

Gen. Washington's Carriage.

Viti's alabaster vases M.B.

U.S. Govt. B'ld'g transept looking s[outh].

[New England Glass Company display, Main Building]

Colossal hand and torch "Liberty".

Colossal hand and torch "Liberty".

Franklin Institute Exhibition, 1874.