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Oval spectacles

D-horseshoe spectacles

Three young men standing in front of brick wall, Philadelphia.

Three young women standing in front of window, Philadelphia.

Three girls standing in front of a brownstone building, Philadelphia.

Two girls standing in front of a brick house, Philadelphia.

Group portrait of woman sitting in yard with two girls, Philadelphia.

Three couples in bathing suits in woodland, Philadelphia.

E.H. Parry, fashionable hatter, S.E. cor. 10th & Market Sts. Phila.

[Louis J. Selliez trade cards]

I use celluloid eye glasses. S.O.M. Co. pat. Mar. 13, '77 on each pair.

[African American man attired in spectacles, a black top hat, a white shirt with an oversized collar, a red bowtie, and a plaid, beige jacket] [graphic].

McAllister & Co. at the old established stand No. 48 Chestnut Street : third door above Second St., Philadelphia. Have always for sale a great variety of spectacles, ... They have also for sale mathematical instruments, ... Spy glasses, ... Microscopes, .