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Rally freemen! Look at your city's generosity! : $99.00 besides your government pay. Co. F Union League Regiment! has just opened their muster rolls in Independence Square and will give the above bounty, $60 as soon as mustered in, and $13 a month to your

Fall in Fifth Ward : Captain Thos. H. Taylor, late of the 69th P.V. is now organizing a company, at New Market Hall, Second & Pine Sts. for the Union League Brigade! Third Regiment, Colonel George P. McLean, com'dg. late of the 88th P.V. for state defence

To arms! To arms! A meeting of the citizens of the ward, : at the Odd Fellows' Hall this evening, at 8 o'clock and to-morrow, Sunday afternoon, at 2 1/2 to raise 2 companies of volunteers, for the defence of the state, and provide means for the families o

Company C, Third Regiment, Reserve Brigade : Recruits wanted immediately for Co. C, 3d Regiment, Reserve Brigade, now recruiting at Commissioners' Hall, 37th & Market Streets to serve under the call of the governor, for a period of three months, unless so

To arms! : Inscribed to our brave volunteers, / by Mrs. E.S. Rogers. ... Great inducements! One hundred dollars to be drawn by the volunteers. Capt. Richards, desiring to complete his company speedily, takes this novel plan of affording substantial relief

Recruits wanted for Co. E! Co. E! Merchants' Regiment! 146th P.V., commanded by Col. J.D.C. Johnson. : Arrangements will be made by which soldiers' families may receive, in this city, allotments of monthly pay. $2 on being mustered into service; $25 U.S.

121st Regiment, P.V. : Twenty-third Philad'a Light Infantry Col. Chapman Biddle. Wanted, able-bodied men for Co. I in this regiment, going into camp immediately. $162 bounty! As follows: $25 U.S. bounty in cash. $50 Philadelphia city bounty. $10 extra bou

Zouaves d'Afrique, Col. C.H.T. Collis. : This regiment is being actively recruited under the call from the governor of Pennsylvania, in response to the president's proclamation, for immediate active service. A fund which it is desired to increase to $5000