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Compliments of Henry Baltz, Jr., meat and provisions, S.E. cor. of 18th and Fountain Sts. between Norris and Diamond.

Compliments of Merscher Bros., tailors, 521 Poplar Street, Philadelphia.

Hartley Knight, carpets, 1222 Chestnut Street, Philada.

Benedict, Miller & Co., manufacturers of umbrellas and parasols, No. 39 North Sixth Street, Philadelphia.

Sea shore and country Japanese decorations, parasols, fans, scrolls, hammocks, &c. See our immense fire place screen fan, $1.65, all colors, George M. Lee, 1322 Chestnut St., Philad'a, Penna.

Mrs. Geo. M. Baker, stationery, fancy goods, &c. 987 N. Second St.

Geo. W. Allen, hatter, 808 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

[Asian decorative motifs]

[Marks Bros. trade cards]

Kaufman's, 25 N. Eighth St., Philad'a.

[F.T. Howell & Co. trade cards]

[African man fanning a white woman in a hammock] [graphic].

[John Mustin trade cards]

[St. George Pharmacy trade cards]

Noix de coco for puddings, pies, and pastry. Manufactured by Warner & Merritt. Philadelphia. [graphic].

The wooing of the twins [graphic] : Universal, perfect and elegant stoves and ranges. Manufactured by Cribben, Sexton & Co., Chicago, Ill.