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Butchers & farmers market, Market Street, Philadelphia, Penna.

[Butchers & farmers market, Market Street, Philadelphia, Penna.]

Farmer's market, Market Street, below Twelfth.

One flag, one country. [graphic] : Constitution & laws.

Pennsylvania State Agricultural Society. [life membership certificate]

Diploma awarded by the Farmers & Mechanics Institute of Northampton County Pa. [blank] annual fair at Easton, [blank]. [Blank], Secy. [Blank] Prest. [graphic] / James Queen del.

A Farmer's Wife.

[Market Street, looking east from below Twelfth Street, Philadelphia]

[View of a farm in a river valley in the mountains, Schuylkill County, Pa.]

Sharpless, Samuel J.

Richards, Augustus H.

Richardson, Nathaniel, 1793-1872

Wright, John W.

Pennsylvania State Agricultural Society [diploma]

The Guarantee Trust and Safe Deposit Co. 316-318 and 320 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Diploma of the Montgomery County Agricultural Society of the state of Pennsylvania [certificate]

Pennsylvania State Agricultural Society [diploma]

Pennsylvania State Fair

W.B. Eltonhead, watch maker, and jeweler. 340 so. 2d St., Philad'a.

A.W. Stevens & Sons, manufacturers & patentees, Auburn, New York. The new Stevens spring tooth harrow.

A Farmer.

Now I'm Sure

It's Time You Were Married.

Country Pumbkin.

Country Bumpkin.

Thou lazy hussy


Diploma awarded by the Lebanon County Agricultural and Horticultural Society. [graphic]

Pennsylvania State Agricultural Society [certificate]

[Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank, Chestnut Street above 4th, north side, Philadelphia] [graphic]

Diploma of the Pennsylvania State Agricultural Society.

This diploma

The farmer at the market.

To a Blacksmith.

What, my chap

When age comes on

You looking for

Of Dandizetts You're Sure

I send you

One of the Codfish

There You Are

Thick Finger’d Fumbler

This Valentine to You

To a Barman.

A Country Clown.

Farmers & Mechanics Bank, Chestnut Street.

Philadelphia, from the State House, looking N.E.

United States Hotel, Philadelphia

Owen, Owen, 1690-1741