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The fugitives [graphic] / J.H. Goater del ; N. Orr Co. sc.

[The freeman's defense] [graphic].

Persecuted virtue [graphic] / G.S.

Paul, Almira.

Stark, Cordelia

The successful manhunt [graphic] / Baker-Smith sc.

The marriage [graphic] / Manning del ; Hayes, G.H.. sc.

Scipio hunted, "As men hunt a deer!" [graphic] / G.S ; M. Jackson.

The emigration [graphic] / Whitney, Jocelyn, Annin, sc.

Dreadful tragedy.

Crossen, Phebe, 1837-1857.

Horrible murder of a husband by his wife.

Murder of Mr. Corlis.

Walters, Ann Smith, 1812-1844

Murder of Mr. Ewing by Miss Hamlin

Ketchum, Miss.

Escars, Mary.

Hoyt, Adelia, 1802-1843?

Baldwin, Henry, Mrs.

Tyndal, Caroline Harriette.

Attempt of a husband to burn his wife.

Chorus -- sing, darkeys, sing [graphic] / Whitney-Annin sc. ; Darley

"Old Joseph, the Patriarch" [graphic] / F. Hedge. sc.

The bridal dance [graphic] / J.H. Goater del ; N. Orr Co. sc.

Murder of Mrs. Elizabeth Topping, by her husband Thom. Topping, at 88 Orange-street, on New Year’s day, 1842.

Murder of Mrs. Adams, by her husband.

Berry, Eliza.

Coster, Mrs.

Stephens, Ellen.

The festival [graphic] / Whitney & Annin sc.

Emma, as a sailor, captured on the high seas

Emmons, Elizabeth, 1817-1841.