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Engine Co. #9, Germantown.

The Philadelphia Firemen's Anniversary Parade March composed for his brass band expressly for the occasion, arranged for the piano forte and respectfully dedicated to the Fire Department by Francis Johnson Philadelphia. [graphic] / Designed & drawn on sto

The firemen of Philadelphia prompt to action! : Fall in! Fall in! Enroll your names in the Columbia Guards! Now forming at the Columbia Engine House Filbert Street, above eleventh, to proceed to Harrisburg forthwith / H.M. Thomas, Capt.

[Peace Jubilee parade, Fire Deparment marching in front of Keneseth Israel Temple, 1717 North Broad Street, Philadelphia.]

Company H, Fire Zouaves, Capt. Thomas H. Peto. : Roll open at Hope Hose House.

Pro bono publico! Erect a monument to the memory of the brave & devoted fireman Samuel M'Menamin Fleetwood! : who perished in the flames of the late fire in the Second Ward, whilst endeavoring to rescue a female fellow being!

Philadelphia Fire Department Relief Association. [membership certificate]

Fair Mount Fire Company. Instituted Febr. 22th, 1823. Incorporated April 19th, 1850.

Empire Hook & Ladder Company, no. 1. Instituted February 6, 1851.

The old Phila. fire department. Period of 1850. The great engine contest on Sunday evening July 7th 1850 at 5th & Market sts.

In commemoration of the great parade of the Philadelphia Fire Department October 16th 1865 [graphic] : Dedicated to the Philadelphia firemen and their visiting brethren / on stone by Jas. Queen; designd. by Schell; P.S. Duval & Son lith. Philada.

The Weccacoe Engine Co's house and the reception of the United Fire Co of Baltimore. [graphic] / Drawn by J. Queen.

[Specimen sheet of volunteer fire fighting vignettes]

[Cohocksink Hose Company steam engine and fire fighters in front of the company fire station on Germantown Avenue above Fifth Street, Philadelphia]

[Hope Fire Company steam engine and fire fighters in front of the company fire station on Sixth Street below Bainbridge Street, Philadelphia]

[William Penn Hose Company steam engine and fire fighters in front of the company fire station on Frankford Road near Franklin Avenue, Philadelphia]

Destruction by fire of Pennsylvania Hall. On the night of the 17th May, 1838.

No. 1 The Empire Hook & Ladder polka

United Firemen's Insurance Company, Philadelphia. Office no. 723 Arch Street

The great conflagration in Philadelphia on Tuesday July 9th 1850.

Franklin Fire Co. of the city of Philadelphia [membership certificate]

[Firehouse scene in Philadelphia showing firemen from the Weccacoe Engine Company pulling a hand-drawn fire engine as other firemen scramble to readiness]

Weccacoe Fire Compy. Instituted 1800, incorporated 1833.

Attention! Zouaves. : Wanted, active, able-bodied young men for the independent Fire "Zou-Zous" to be attached to Col. Baker's brigade, now in active service. This corps when completed has orders to march, and will be thoroughly equipped before leaving th

Col. Baxter's Philadelphia Fire Zouaves. : Recruits wanted! Who will be mustered in, equipped, and sent to camp immediately. Office, No. 527 Chestnut St., up stairs.

Baxter's Fire Zouaves! The only chance to join this first-class regiment! : A few more active, able-bodied young men, to fill up Company R. Will be equipped at once, and sent to Camp Observation, near Poolesville, Maryland. Apply at recruiting station, 1s

This is to certify, that [blank] is a member of Company [blank] Philadelphia Fire Zouaves, : attached to Col. Baker's brigade, and now in the service of the United States. Col. De Witt C. Baxter, commanding. Attest, [blank] Captain. Philada., [blank] 1861

Hibernia Fire Engine company, No. 1, of Philadelphia.

The White Turtle & the Red Crab of Philadelphia.

America Fire Engine Co. of the city of Philadelphia.

The terrible conflagration at Ninth and Washington Streets, Philadelphia.

The Weccacoe Engine Co.'s house and the reception of the United Fire Co. of Baltimore.

[Hand-in-Hand Fire Company fire fighters and steam engine in front of the company fire station at Ninth Street above Poplar Street, Philadelphia]

Hope Hose and Steam Fire Engine Company [certificate]

Good Intent Hose, Hook & Ladder Company of Philadelphia.

Good Will Fire Company of Philadelphia.

Washington Hose Company of Philadelphia [certificate]

Washington Hose Company of Philadelphia.

Mechanic Fire Engine Company.

Hope Hose and Steam Fire Engine Company.

[Hope Hose Company steam fire engine and fire fighters in front of the company fire station, Second and Union streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Columbia Hose Co. of Philadelphia [membership certificate]

[Fire truck in front of St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Philadelphia]

[Destruction of the hall]

The United States Polka,

Fairmount Fire Engine Co. No. 32, of Philadelphia [membership certificate]

Firemen's furnishing house. Fire hats, belts, fatigue caps, shirts, &c. J.M. Migeod & Son 27 South Eighth St. Philada. Manufacturers of firemen's, military & society goods.

Good Will Hose and Steam Fire Engine Company of Philadelphia [membership certificate]

Washington Fire Company of Frankford

Marion Hose Company of Philadelphia