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Square in St. Georges, some of party in foreground, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Front St. Hamilton from window of Mr. Allen's (U.S. Consul) office, [Bermuda] [graphic].

[Man ascending ladder, Sea Girt] [graphic].

[Flagpole with ladder, Sea Girt] [graphic].

Horti: Building Promenade

State buildings, Massachusetts in foreground.

Crowd at sports at Princess Hotel, [Hamilton, Bermuda] [graphic].

[Marriott C. Morris Jr. and Elliston P. Morris Jr.] [graphic].

Horticultural Hall - South Entrance

[Climbing flagpole ladder, Sea Girt] [graphic].

[Avocado] House & flag pole from the beach looking s.w. [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Painter's [Shem Pearce and his brother] horse & wagon in front of Avocado & his ladder up flag pole, [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

[Elliston P. Morris Jr. with rolled flag, Avocado, Sea Girt] [graphic].

[Elliston Perot Morris and men with ladders, Avocado, Sea Girt] [graphic].

Alice [Shipley] & Bessie hauling down flag, [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

E[lizabeth] C[anby] M[orris]'s horse "Robin" & cart at front fence, Avocado, [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Shem Pearce & his brother painting the flag pole, Theo[dore William] Richards sitting at base of pole, [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Mary & Anne Emlen & Bessie on beach, Ocean Day, [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Marriott at front gate Avocado, Sea Girt, [NJ] [graphic].

Flag pole & Shem Pearce's wagon from front fence. Father & T[heodore] W[illiam] R[ichards], [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

[View from Sea Girt. Front fence of Avocado. Marriott C. Morris, Shober Kimber, and a woman, possibly Anne Emlen, by iron fence on beach. American flag flying in background] [graphic].