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[Assorted flowers] [graphic] / L.A.B.

[Vase of flowers] [graphic].

[Vase of flowers]

ASSU Illustration 719

ASSU Illustration 7711

ASSU Illustration 8454

ASSU Illustration 7860

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ASSU Illustration 5819

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ASSU Illustration 7969

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[Lily watercolor and poem]

[Figure sitting in flowering tree]

ASSU Illustration 8516

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[Flowers with butterflies in vase]

ASSU Illustration 7677

ASSU Illustration 7592

ASSU Illustration 8366

Large schooner yacht, "Henry Disston," Captain Conklin. Sloop Yacht, I. C. Covert," Captain Fisher.

No. 71 Good Luck series, 5 designs from E. Currier & Co. Brockton, Mass.

ASSU Illustration 6659

ASSU Illustration 8364

ASSU Illustration 2217

ASSU Illustration 5224

Espiritu santo. Triple extract. The most delicate, fragrant and lasting perfume of the age. Tisseau, distillateur-parfumeur, Philadelphia. Bookmark.

Easter lillies at General Hasting's place, [Bermuda] [graphic].

ASSU Illustration 5631

T. Gorham, carpenter and builder, No. 3852 Lancaster Ave. or No. 3707 Haverford St.

ASSU Illustration 9206

Bailey & Co.'s mammoth 5 ct. store, 13 North Eighth Street.

Inscho, manufacturer of best 25 cent confectionery in the city. No. 1317 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

After the performance, stop at the New Home Dining Rooms, for good oysters, salads & a delicious cup of tea or coffee. J.M. Sparks, No. 11 N. Tenth St.

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. Member's Annual ticket.

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society [ticket]

Forget me not


[Vase of flowers]

[Print with ornate border containing vignettes representing the seasons]

[Print with ornate border containing vignettes representing the seasons] [graphic].

John Jackson, wholesale and retail mutton, lamb & veal butcher, stalls, 188 & 189 Oxford Market, 20th and Oxford Sts., Phila.

Forney's ladies and gent's new dining rooms, 1405 Filbert Street, opp. Penn. elevated R.R. depot, Phila.

Broadbent & Taylor, artists and photographers, 914 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

La. Berroth, stationery & fancy ornaments, No. 1212 Poplar St., Philadelphia.

Goodwin Bros., manufacturers of fine confections, 649 North Eighth Street, Philadelphia.

Specimen of coloring printing, from wood cuts,

Conrad Busche, manufacturer & dealer in plain and fancy confectionery, wholesale and retail, 123

G. W. Benson, shaving and hair cutting rooms, 1618 Market Street, Philadelphia.

[Conrad Brothers' trade cards]

E. Fonteneau, ladies' French hair dresser, maker of wigs, braids, curls, &c., shampooing a specialty, removed to 102 South Eleventh St. Three doors below Chestnut, Philadelphia.

John W. Kevin, grocer, 237 S. Eighth St. below Locust, Philadelphia.

B. F. DuBois, jeweler, No. 12 N. Second St., Philadelphia.

C. Becker, manufacturer of fine & plain confectionery, No. 241 South Eleventh Street, Philadelphia.

Family record

Newgarden's up town ribbon box, 1224 Columbia Avenue, Philadelphia.

Romantic Park, High Bridge, G.W. Riley, proprietor. Music day & evening. Boats to let. Refreshments, &c.

Friendship album

Wm. H. Shuster, manufacturer of confectionery, 58 North Eighth Street, Philadelphia.

[Foliage], Pocono Lake, [PA] [graphic].

J. Ashbrook, Jr. Successor to J. Ashbrook & Son, fine family groceries, S.W. cor. 2nd & Queen Sts., Philad'a.

Dreka, 1121 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

Peter Schwindt, ladies' and gents' fine shoes, No. 1208 Columbia Avenue, Philadelphia.

Of the old firm of P.S. Duval & Son, and late of Duval & Hunter, S.C. Duval, lithographer, 401 Ranstead Place, above Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. [over.]

[Social Temple of Honor and Temperance membership certificate] [graphic].

Greer & Son, N.E. cor. Tenth and Walnut Sts., Philadelphia.

Geo. W. Flagg, banker and broker, 255 Thames St., Newport, R.I.

If you want a cheap suit of clothing go to Commercial Clothing House, 822 Market St., Phila. Don't forget 822 Market Street.

Edward A. Smith & Co., 219 and 221 N. Eighth Street, Philadelphia.

H.R. Henry, produce dealer, stalls, No. 106 & 108 Fourth Ave., Fifth St. market, Philadelphia.

[Major & Knapp Lith. Co. specimen trade cards]

[Wanamaker's Dining Rooms trade cards]

[Scrapbook of prints]

[Kennedy Bros. trade cards]

[E.H. Worne's lace and embroidery store trade cards]

"Long long be thy heart with your memory fill'd..." [graphic] / Margaretta

No marvel woman should love flowers... [graphic] / Selected by S.M. Douglass.

"Forget me not!" [graphic] / M.F.

"Forget me not!"

"Long long be thy heart with your memory fill'd..."

No marvel woman should love flowers...

A mark of friendship's pleasing power...

E.A. Yarnall, successor to P. Madeira, choice cutlery, &c. 115 S. 10th St., Philad'a.

McKeone, Van Haagen & Co. Manufacturers fine toilet soaps, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Chas. B. Webb, manufacturer of fine boots & shoes, 211 N. Ninth Street, Philadelphia.

Harrison's Handkerchief Extracts

John W. Steen, 1209 Market St.

[Major & Knapp Lith. Co. specimen trade cards]

C. Hughes, dry goods and trimmings, No. 1128 Pine Street, Philadelphia. Dress making and knife pleating done at short notice.

Joseph Ruf, importer and manufacturer of human hair, Nos. 950 & 952 N. Second Street, Philad'a.

Harrison's Columbian perfumery

Henry S. Bissex boots, shoes, and trunks, 3800 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia.

Geo. C. Brotherton, prop'r. Sample and lunch room, No. 130 South Ninth Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

[Dudley L. Page's confectionery trade cards]

Campuzano Bros., Malaga.

[McIlvaine & Co. trade cards]

Henry H. Holloway, bookseller, old and new books, in all languages, No. 7 S. Tenth St., Phila.

Albert L. West, with Russell & Armstrong, manufacturers of paper and bags, branch store, S.E. cor. Third and Vine Sts., Philadelphia.

Seeds & bulbs, implements and tools for farm, garden and greenhouse, D. Landreth & Sons, 21 & 22 South Sixth St., Philad'a.

Compliments of J.E. Caldwell & Co., Easter 1880. Jewellers, silversmiths and importers, 902 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

Jacob Lorsch, dealer in gentlemen's furnishing goods, 344 South Street, Philad'a.

Henry H. McCargo, dealer in all makes of sewing machines, 1611 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia.

Friedberger & Strouse, ribbons, silks, hats, feathers, &c., Nos. 113 and 115 North Eighth, and 733 Arch Street.

Garber & Bro., Lehigh and Schuylkill coal, N.E. cor. Thirteenth & Noble Sts., Philadelphia.

[A.D. Curran & Co. trade cards]

This floral card was printed in 8 colors on the celebrated Model Printing Press, J.W. Daughaday & Co., mfrs., 721 Chestnut St., Phila.

Charles Rumpp, manufacturer of fancy leather goods, portemonnaies, pocket books and satchels, No. 47 North Sixth Street, Philadelphia.

Arthars popular ice cream & dining rooms for ladies & gentlemen, 33 South Sixth St., 4 doors ab. Chestnut, Philadelphia.

Smoke "Virginia" cigars. J.S. Semon, "Virginia Tobacco Store" No. 6 South Eighth St., Philadelphia.


Compliments of Krell=French Piano Co. High grade piano makers, New Castle, Ind.

Of the old firm of P.S. Duval & Son, and late of Duval & Hunter, S.C. Duval, lithographer, 401 Ranstead Place, above Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. [over.]

ASSU Illustration 3915

[Jones & Fisher trade cards]

[James S. Loag trade cards]

Chinese Gent and Lady.

[Hassler's trade cards]

R.L. Shute, 695 Broadway, below 4th St., west side, New York.

[P. Fleischner & Co. trade cards]

ASSU Illustration 9295

Dreer's garden calendar 1899 ; Dreer's seeds, plants, bulbs, etc. [cover proof]

[Geo. A. Castor trade cards]

The West End Shoe Store, custom work and repairing, Geo. E. Bissex, agt. 3612 Market Street.

J. Holly, fine clothing, ready-made and to order, 1312 South St., Phila.

[Household Sewing Machine trade cards]

Chromo lithography,

[Miscellaneous specimens from specimen album loose prints collection]

John M. Howland & Son, 1203 Market St., Philadelphia.

Peter E. Sheetz, florist, S.W. cor. 12th and Spring Garden Sts., also 1553 Palmer Street.

Specimen of chromo-lith. from P.S. Duval & Co.'s lithographic establishment, drawing on stone plain & color printing, Ranstead Place, west from 26 South 4th Street, Phila.

Mrs. H. Steward, London & Paris Millinery, No. 435 North Second St., Philadelphia.

[Marriott C. Morris Jr. picking daisies, Pelham] [graphic].

[Miscellaneous specimens from specimen album loose prints collection] [graphic].

Tyler's market & fruit store, 1516 Market Street, elegant bananas & oranges 25, 30.

Macdowell, engraver and printer, 1028 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

L. Prang & Co. art and educational publishers, Boston, Mass.

[Van Haagen's Toilet Soap, Benj. Brooke & Co., Manufs., Philadelphia trade cards]

A.J. Bunn's billiard and sample rooms, 1207 Chestnut St.

[Bound Brook Route trade cards]

Schomacker Gold String Piano Co., Philadelphia.

Mrs. Geo. M. Baker, stationery, fancy goods, &c. 987 N. Second St.

[Elliston P. Morris Jr.] [graphic].

J. & F. Cadmus, manufacturers and dealers in boots, shoes, trunks and bags, No. 734 Market Street, south side, one door below 8th St. Philadelphia.

Compliments of Hershey Baking Co., York, Pa.

Diamonds, mutilated coins, old gold, silver, teeth plates, jewelry, and silverware. Full value paid. J.L. Clark, refiner, 823 Filbert Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Wm. Idler, 109 South Eleventh Street, watchmaker & jeweler, over 20 years experience in repairing fine watches.

[Joseph Juél trade cards]

[Bartholomay Brewing Co. trade cards]

[J.C. Finn & Son trade cards]

F. Defoney's oyster saloon, No. 545 North Third Street, Philadelphia. Fried oysters a specialty.

Marriott C. Morris Jr. picking daisies, Pelham [graphic].

Jas. K. Simon, 29 South Sixth Street, above Chestnut, old established book store.

[Thermaline, manufactured by Dundas Dick & Co., New York]

Go to the West Philadelphia Card Depot, 3718 Market St., for chromo cards by set, 100 or 1000,

[Geo. S. Harris & Sons.] Printers & lithographers. Nos. 718, 720, 722, 724 Arch St. Philadelphia.

Choice Bohsemeem, the best and purest spices. Weikel & Smith Spice Co., Philadelphia.

Compliments of Quinlan & Fisher, 816 Arch Street.

Jacob E. Herbert, general house furnishing goods, lamps and oils. 1114 Columbia Ave.

[Willett & Quinby trade cards]

Compliments of J. Westney, agt. Manufacturers of baby carriages, velocipedes, &c. No. 226 Dock Street.

Stephen F. Whitman's choice confections, always fresh, at Mrs. M.A. Friend's, 45 Washington Street, Cape May City.

Indian Queen perfume. Bean & Brother, 47 & 49 North Second Street, Philadelphia.

[M.A. Fritsche trade cards]

Compliments of the MacKinnon Pen Company.

E.R. Smiley, pharmacist, N.W. cor. 12th & Jefferson, Philadelphia.

Flower advertisement prints "compliments of Henry A. Dreer..."

[Shoneman Bros. trade cards]

Surrounded by the flower gems of Autumn, Horticultural Hall, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa., U.S.A.

N. Bryan, electro gold and silver plating, 1113 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

Compliments of Lehman & Bolton, lithographers, printers, publishers. 715, 171, 719 Arch Street. Philadelphia.

[Illustrated letter seals containing admonitions] [graphic].

Illustrations for the Berlitz Method [graphic].

[Marriott C. Morris reclining among foliage], Pocono Lake, [PA] [graphic].

Easter lilies at Gen. Hastings, [Soncy, Bermuda] [graphic].

Easter lilies at Gen. Hastings place, "Soncy," [Bermuda] [graphic].

Rhododendrons Horticultural Grounds

Elizabeth C. Morris and Elliston P. Morris Jr, Pelham. [graphic].

[Wanamaker & Brown trade cards]

[Wm. Gunzer trade cards]