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ASSU Illustration 7190

ASSU Illustration 3756

The best wines, liquors, & lager beer, we are selling here = Die besten weine, liquors, ale and lager bier, gind in haben hier.

ASSU Illustration 1589

ASSU Illustration 6125

Cavender, Curtis

Farnum, John

Wurts, Maurice

White, William

Cigar wagon on beach, Ocean Day, [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Cider press in Bartram gardens. Phila. [graphic].

A Grocer.

Haars, Christian, -1822

West, James, -1799

Ellis, James P.

Dorsey, Benedict

Robinson, Jonathan John

Latimer, John R., 1793-1865

Sellers, John, Jr., 1762-1847

Rudolph, Zebulon

The little bill poster.

Eskay's food nourishes

Pettijohn's breakfast food by the American Cereal Co., address Chicago, U.S.A.

Fresh deviled crabs. McMenamin & Co., Hampton, Va.

[Duryeas' Glen Cove Manufacturing Co. trade cards]

Illustrations for the Berlitz Method [graphic].

Colburn's Phila. mustard.

Henry C. Blair's Sons, apothecaries, [8th and Walnut Sts.], Philadelphia.

Clam chowder counter, Ocean Day, [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Ice cream tent, Ocean Day, [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Picking her Thanksgiving turkey

Hiram W. Stout, groceries, &c., 5th and Erie Ave. [graphic].

Pemberton, Joseph, 1745-1784

Pennock, Abraham L., 1786-1868

Wister, John

Original, Should Be

Original, Should Be

A Baker.

The Butcher Boy.

Infancy to old age.

Heinz Pickle Company plant, Salem, New Jersey.

Merrick Thread Co., "Fooled dis time, cully. Dis cotton ain't gwine to break." [graphic].

Agricultural Hall - Nave, Looking North

Agricultural Hall - Nave, Looking North


Said Peter Stuyvesant, "Welcome, friends, you would find our living rougher had we knickerbockers not learned to use the Enterprise sausage stuffer."

Noix de coco, manufactured by Warner & Merritt, Philadelphia.

Vienna pudding, G.W. Barlow, manufacturer, New York.

What Senator Jones said about Noix de Coco.