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"The Freedman's Bureau." [graphic] / Thos. Worth.

Robert Small, pilot of the steamer Planter, Charleston, S.C.

[The scourged back]

The Freedman's Bureau! An agency to keep the negro in idleness at the expense of the white man. Twice vetoed by the president, and made a law by congress. Support Congress & you support the negro. Sustain the president & you protect the white man [graphic

[Glorification of the American Union]

The shackle broken - by the genius of freedom [graphic] / Lith. & Print. by E. Sachse & Co.

Proclamation of Emancipation. By the President of the United States of America

In commemoration of the hundredth anniversary of American independence

The man that blocks up the highway [graphic].

Immediate emancipation illustrated. [graphic]

From the plantation to the senate

Distinguished colored men

Afro-American historical family record