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Ellen Craft, the fugitive slave. [graphic] / Hale's Dagotype.; J. Andrews & S. A. Schoff, sc.



Robert Small, pilot of the steamer Planter, Charleston, S.C.

The question settled. [graphic] / Geo. Whiting, 87 Fulton St. New York; Phelps & Watson, 18 Beekman St. New York.

Fannie Lawrence



Fannie Virginia Casseopia Lawrence [graphic] : A redeemed slave child, 5 years of age. Redeemed in Virginia, by Catherine S. Lawrence; baptized in Brooklyn, at Plymouth Church, by Henry Ward Beecher, May, 1863.

These children

A Virginia slave child in 1863

Journey of a slave from plantation to the battlefield. [graphic].

Scenes from Uncle Tom's Cabin. No. 1

Isaac and Rosa, emancipated slave children, from the free schools of Louisiana.

Emancipated slaves.

Emancipated slaves.

'Conquering prejudice, 'or 'fulfilling a constitutitional duty with alacrity.' [graphic] /. P. Kramer.

"No higher law." [graphic] /