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[K stands for kidnapper] [graphic].

What has the North to do with slavery? [graphic].

[B stands for bloodhound] [graphic].

[F stands for fugitives] [graphic].

The successful manhunt [graphic] / Baker-Smith sc.

Eliza crosses the Ohio on the floating ice [graphic] / G. Cruikshank ; W.T. Green sc.

Shooting scene [graphic].

The fugitive slave law in operation [graphic] / A. Bobbett sc.

The fugitive's song [graphic] / designed by E.W. Bouvé.

'Conquering prejudice, 'or 'fulfilling a constitutitional duty with alacrity.' [graphic] /. P. Kramer.

Practical illustration of the fugitive slave law. [graphic] /. EC, del.

A grand slave hunt, or trial of speed for the presidency, between celebrated nags Black Dan, Lewis Cass, and Haynau. [graphic] /. T.C., del.