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John Griffeth, furniture warerooms, 119 N. Second St., Philadelphia, Pa.

5112-14 Main St.

5112-5114 Main St.

John B. Robinson's housekeeping furnishing store, No. 1611 Market Street, Philadelphia.

Edward A. Smith & Co., 219 and 221 N. Eighth Street, Philadelphia.

American brass bedsteads, all sizes and a variety of designs. John J. DeZouche & Co., S.E. corner Thirteenth and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia.

Conlen's, 712 Passyunk Avenue, furniture and carpets. (over) Puzzle card.

Thos. Kunders House, where 1st Friends' Meeting in Germantown was held.

E.D. Trymby, furniture, 1217 Market Street, Philadelphia.

Compliments of Quinlan & Fisher, 816 Arch Street.

[P.R. Hansbury & Co. trade cards]

Burger & Co. fine furniture manufacturers, N.W. cor. Eleventh & Market Sts.

Peck & Hills' Furniture Co., 642 North Broad St. cor. Wallace, Philadelphia, Pa.

Henry Adolph, manufacturer of furniture wholesale and retail, warerooms no. 36 North Second St., one door above the Christ Church Philadelphia.

Chest. St. Theatre, Phila. Pa.

Second St., north of Market, west side.

J.C. Hand & Co. Fine furniture, no. 1205 Market Street, Philadelphia. [graphic].

New Chestnut Street Theatre. [graphic].

[New Chestnut Street Theatre.] [graphic].

[New Chestnut Street Theatre]

City of Philadelphia, 1867

Market Street east of 9th Street.

Panoramic views from the steeple of Independence Hall, 520 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. [graphic].