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ASSU Illustration 3898

Negresse etudiant le jeu de Ouri [graphic].

Price list of diaries for 1866, published by Olney & Pratt, importers and jobbers of stationery, no. 41 John Street, New-York.

ASSU Illustration 3366

The Gambler.

Time's footsteps for 1881. C. Goodall & Son, London.

[Incomplete set of "Series C" of "Hidden Book Titles" rebus puzzle card game] [graphic].

[Library and Surgeons Hall, in Fifth Street Philadelphia] [graphic] / Drawn & Engraved by W. Birch & Son.

The Heathen Chinee. [graphic].

The Smile that was childlike. [graphic].

Improved Authors with Portraits & Autographs Card Game

Improved authors with portraits & autographs

The Game of Philadelphia Buildings Flashcards

The game of Philadelphia buildings