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ASSU Illustration 6282

ASSU Illustration 3739

ASSU Illustration 5631

Grandfather's visit. [graphic].

[Woman with bonnet in a garden] [graphic].

[Woman with bonnet in a garden] [graphic] / R.S. Redfield.

[Four unidentified 35 mm snapshots depicting a view of a river; a gardner; an inn-like building; and a wedding]

School gardens as a practical educational method - showing Boy Scouts and Camp Fire Girls, Philadelphia, Pa.

Horticultural Hall from W. End.

Ceroxcylon Nevium - Floral Hall.

Summer scene in the country.

Horticultural Building - Floral Hall - April

Horticultural Building - S.W. Forcing Room

Hamilton Balentyne in our garden, raking beds, [Deshler-Morris House, 5442 Germantown Avenue] [graphic].

Game of Dr. Busby [graphic].

1888-1889 third supplement to catalogue of electrotypes from A. Blanc, Horticultural Engraver, No. 314 N. Eleventh St. Philada., Pa., U.S.A. [graphic] : Registered Cable Address, "Blanc, Philadelphia."

[Vegetable cultivation at demonstration center at Little Wakefield, Germantown]