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Our generals' quickstep by C.S. Grafulla; as performed by the 7th Reg't. National Guard.

Joseph Hooker [graphic].

Kill-Patrick suppressing the riot. [graphic].

Cabinet series - No. 5. "Bombastes furioso." [graphic].

Benj. F. Butler [graphic].

Benjamin F. Butler

Maj. Gen. Benj[amin] F. Butler

Benj. F. Butler

Benj. F. Butler

Oh high and mighty general, I don't know where your match is.

Our modern infant Hercules [graphic].

Maj. Gen. Benj. F. Butler

Major General B.F. Butler, U.S.A.

A. Koellner No. 6. Bank Alley Philadelphia respectfully offers his services to the public in drawing of figures landscapes & animals from the rough sketch to the most finished drawing in every manner and in a style which will be especially useful to publi

[Benjamin F. Butler]

Hampton Place - Residence of Lt. Gen. Winfield Scott - Elizabethtown, N.J.