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George Washington Cable, 1844-1925 [graphic].

George Washington Roberts, son of Algernon & Tacy Roberts. 1802-1857.

George Washington Northrup, 1826-1900 [graphic].

George Washington Bethune, 1805-1862 [graphic].

Smith, George Washington

George Washington Norris

Judge Woodward on the war! : ... Judge Woodward in a recent letter, attributes "this unconstitutional abolition war" to the "malignant fanaticism" of the North. ... Thus were Southern traitors lured to destroy their country, and now the promise is to be r

Philadelphia, November, 1864. Sir:--On Tuesday next will be the presidential election, : and these few plain words are addressed to you in no partisan spirit, but with a deep and earnest feeling for the Union and a desire that each voter shall realize the

The nation honors a great American. "From slave cabin to hall of fame." Booker Washington Bookplace, Virginia. U.S. Post Office established February 12, 1948. [graphic]

Washington's Tea Set - [U.S.] Government Building

Tucker, Ruth

Macknett's Tavern. [graphic] : "It is picturesque," writes Mr. Watson; "it existed in the time of the revolution, and was then, and afterwards, the prominent tavern for visits of city gentleman. It is now owned by George W. Carpenter, and has no history."

Democrats rally, and support the genuine ticket! : President, Geo. B. McClellan. Vice president, C.L. Vallandigham. Governor, Geo. W. Woodward. Supreme judge, Walter H. Lowrie.

Marriage of Tom Thumb.

The Washington family.

Washington birthday greetings [graphic].

[Stevens-Cogdell and Sanders-Venning and Chew families miscellaneous portraits collection]

Richard DeReef Venning Photograph Album

[Album of Richard DeReef Venning] [graphic].

Pictorial views of houses & places in Germantown yr 1859. [graphic].