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Die Deutsche Gesellschaft des staates Pennsylvanien [membership certificate].

Gambrinus Unterstutzungus Gesellschaft [membership certificate].

Charter of the Pennsylvania Deutsche Gesellschaft [membership certificate]

[Proof of membership certificate for a choral society, probably German- American society]

Teutonia Sänger Bund [membership certificate]

Germantown Maennerchor [membership certificate]

Junger Maennerchor [membership certificate]

Maennerchor carnaval [sic]. Mardi Gras. Tuesday, Febry 29th, 1876. Academy of Music [graphic] / Th. Bosin.

Junger Maennerchor, Philadelphia, 1868 [graphic] / Del. & lith. by Ch. P. & A.J. Tholey, No. 119 Green St.

Freiheit Edelmuth & Bruderliebe, Unabhangiger Orden der Rothmaenner [membership certificate]