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Germantown Academy, built 1760.

Germantown Academy postcards.

Germantown Academy cor. School Lane & Greene St., built 1760. [graphic].

[The Germantown Academy

The Academy, School L[ane] & Green St[reet] [Germantown] [graphic].

The G[erman]t[ow]n Academy from cor[ner] of Green St. & School Lane, [Germantown] [graphic].

107 W. School Lane. Bought in 1810 for faculty of Academy.

Germantown Academy, bronze tablet. [graphic].

Germantown Academy from toward Green St[reet] [Germantown] [graphic].

Academy of Germantown. [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

Webster, Pelatiah, 1726-1795

Pictorial views of houses & places in Germantown yr 1859. [graphic].