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Attention men! : Wanted, twenty-five more men! To fill up Company K., Gregory's Regt. of Infantry now in camp at Gray's Ferry, Philadelphia. All persons enlisting in this regiment, will be sent to camp at once, and their pay and rations will commence imme

Attention, volunteers! : Rally for the defence of the Constitution and the Union. A limited number of good men wanted to fill up Company D, attached to Col. Gregory's regiment. Capt. Sinex served with credit to himself and his country, in Col. Frank Patte

$100 bounty! : $25 & one month's pay, in advance on being mustered into service. Recruits wanted! For the 91st Regiment, P.V. Col. E.M. Gregory, commanding. Recruits sent to the regiment immediately, now stationed at Alexandria, Va. Pay and rations to com