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Winfield Scott Hancock, 1824-1886 [graphic].

Hancock's Corps. : Only one company wanted $1000 bounty for 3 years. $700 bounty for 1 year. $50 premium or hand-money. / Apply to James Boldman, late Battery L, 1st Lt. Artillery, recruiting agent. Western Hotel 826 Market St., between 8th and 9th, Phila

The Flag of America shall never grow dim, nor one star be obliterated from its bright galaxy! : Maj. Gen. Hancock's First Army Corps of Veterans. A splendid opportunity to form a grand national guard, to vindicate the national honor, in defiance of all th

The largest bounties! $602.00 $702.00 Recruits wanted for the Penn'a Volunteers of the gallant Second Corps of Gen. Hancock. : Head-quarters, No. 6 Main Street, Doylestown, Pa. Recruits for this corps receive all the government and county bounties. The go

Largest bounties! $650 $750 Recruits wanted for the Penn'a Volunteers of Hancock's gallant Second Corps or any Pennsylvania regiment. : Head-quarters, American and Master Streets. Recruits for this corps receive all government, city & ward bounties. The g

Aid in recruiting Grant's army!! : All corporations that have made money during this war must aid in ending it. Give your money and your influence to strengthening the army and we will soon have peace. Come up to the work faithfully; don't wait to be call

Lend your aid to hasten victory! : Those who have made fortunes on the war, should give to help the war! If every man will give his share, we will soon have victory and peace! When you help recruiting, you only do your duty; when you give money, you cance

Recruits wanted for the Second Corps! : Now being raised to 50,000 men for special service under the command of Maj. Gen. Hancock. This is the corps commanded by the late Major General Sumner, at Fair Oaks, and through the Peninsula Campaign and at Antiet

Red hot Republicans on the Democratic Gridiron. "The San Domingo war dance." [graphic] / J. Cameron.

Civil War scrapbook of envelopes and portraits [graphic].