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Ardmore from Cricket Field, [Haverford College] [graphic].

Fallen tree back of Alumni Hall, [Haverford College] [graphic].

Snow on trees, looking from my window in B[arclay] H[all], [Haverford College] [graphic].

Copy of the picture of the Semi-Centennial Reunion at Haverford 10/27/1883 [graphic].

Copy of the picture of the Semi-Centennial Reunion at Haverford 10/27/1883 [graphic].

Copy of the picture of the Semi-Centennial Reunion at Haverford [College] 10/27 '83 [graphic].

[Haverford] Class of '88 on front steps of Barclay Hall [graphic].

[Haverford College] Class of '88 [graphic].

[Aerial view of Haverford College, Haverford Pennsylvania.]

Founder's Hall, east end, Haverford [College] [graphic].

Copy of picture in the observatory [graphic].

Transit instrument in the observatory, [Haverford College] [graphic].

Haverford Gate-Posts from opposite side of pike, [Haverford College] [graphic].

Carpenter Shop from W. door, Founders Hall, [Haverford College] [graphic].

Cane-rush at Haverford [College] between '88 & '89 [graphic].

Cane-rush between '88 & '89 at Haverford College [graphic].

Evergreen trees west of Founder's Hall, covered with snow, [Haverford College] [graphic].

1st eleven of the Hav[erford] Coll[ege] Cricket Club. On a bench near cricket field [graphic].

Gingerbread sheep - given by fellows, [Haverford College] [graphic].

Founders Hall & Library fr[om] N. door of Barclay Hall, [Haverford College] [graphic].

Founders Hall & Library from under bay window of collection room, Barclay Hall, [Haverford College] [graphic].

Gingerbread sheep, [given by fellows, Haverford College]

Barclay Hall, [Haverford College], from path through grove [graphic].

On "Serpentine Walk" to Pres[ident] Chase's, looking toward steps, [Haverford College] [graphic].

Looking S. from S.W. corner of Founder's Hall, [Haverford Class of 18]86's Junior Day [graphic].

[Haverford College], Founder's Hall from S.E. [graphic].

[Haverford College], Barclay Hall from Maple Ave[nue] [graphic].

Barclay Hall, [Haverford College] from near our cricket crease [graphic].

Barclay Hall from the lawn W. of grove [Haverford College] [graphic].

Founders Hall fr. N[orth] end of Barclay Hall, [Haverford College] [graphic].

Founder's Hall from S.E. [graphic].

Workshop in Founder's Hall, room no. 63, [Haverford College] [graphic].

Wistar, Edward M., 1852-1941

Haines, Robert B., 1827-1895

Class of '89, Haverford College [graphic].

Class of '89, Haverford [College] [graphic].

Observatory, Haverford [College] [graphic].

Barclay Hall from opposite side of pond, [Haverford College] [graphic].

Intercollegiate cricket prize cup, won by Haverford [College] last year. Arranged on library table with club flags. Haines prize bat & Congdon prize ball & belt [graphic].

Corner of my room No. 20 B[arclay] H[all], showing desk. etc. [Haverford College] [graphic].

Prof. Sharpless' house from Observatory window, [Haverford College] [graphic].

Elm tree at Haverford [College], between Founder's & Barclay Halls. A sapling from the Penn Treaty Elm [graphic].

Museum, Founder's Hall, Haverford Coll[ege] [graphic].

Prof. H. Carvill Lewis' class-room, no. 73 Founders Hall, [Haverford College] [graphic].

Pres[ident] T[homas] Chase's [classics] class-room. No. 68 Founder's Hall, [Haverford College] [graphic].

Cope, Francis R., 1821-1909

Allen C. Thomas' [history and literature] class room, No. 61 Founder's Hall, [Haverford College] [graphic].

[Jedediah H.] Adams & [Allan M.] Mowry [in costumes worn as witnesses at Everett Society mock trial, 3, 28, '84, Haverford College] [graphic].

[My room (No. 20 Barclay Hall, Haverford College) from closet showing desk & book-shelves] [graphic].

My room, side opposite bed, from telegraph instrument shelf, [Haverford College] [graphic].