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Men of the Keystone State rally for its defence! : And join Capt. C.A. Thomas's independent company! For 90 days service and avoid the draft. The soil of Pennsylvania, where "Liberty" was first proclaimed "throughout the land, and to all the inhabitants t

$50 city bounty $50 Men wanted to fill old Co. A, 51st Reg't, P.V.M. : Formerly 2d Coal Regiment. This company is attached to the First Coal Regiment now recruiting for 100 days. Come forward & enlist! / Capt. Thos. C. Evans.

Fall in, "I" First Coal Regiment. : $50 city bounty $50 Recruits wanted for Comp'y "I!" 1st Coal Reg't for 100 days! / Capt. H. Rudolph. 1st Lieut. [blank] 2d Lieut., H. Campion.