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The Hairless Wonder, "Blue Bell," 1315 Market Street, Philadelphia.

Major H. (English hackney.) J. L. Huye, owner, Lancaster, Pa.

[Hay harvesting.] [graphic] / R.S. Redfield.


[Landscape view showing a residence in a rustic setting] [graphic].

Horses, horses, horses : 100 horses wanted for artillery. The subscriber will be at [blank] [blank] [blank] to buy horses. None but sound ones will be bought. / Isaac Heulings.

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[Carlin's Park, white horse diving from a high platform, Baltimore, Md.]

[Carlin's Park, white horse diving from a high platform, Baltimore, Md.]

Jacob H. Hain, manufacturer of saddles, harnesss, bridles, collars, covers, whips, No. 321 Penn Street, Reading, Pa., (a few doors below the "Adler" Printing Office,) orders respectfully solicited and all work warranted.

[Henry Brenster driving a horsecar, Fifth & Sixth Street line, Sixth and Jackson Streets, Philadelphia.]

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[Karl Doering as a young child, sitting in the backyard of the family residence, 1837 N. Bouvier Street, Philadelphia.]

The Chestnut Hill Stock Farm, Chestnut Hill, Pa. Breeders and importers of hackneys and thoroughbreds, hunters, high action pairs, dog-cart horses, ladies cobs, and childrens ponies.

Samuel F. Heflick, Pittsburg, Pa. Heflick's rein supporter. Price card.

John A. Dorward, veterinary surgeon. Office: 1043 North Ninth St., Reading, Pa.

Paradise Valley day trip [graphic].

Paradise Valley day trip, [British Columbia] [graphic].

3 day horseback trip, [Canada] [graphic].

3 day horseback trip, [Canada] [graphic].

2[25]th Anniversary parade in Germantown, [PA] [graphic].

2[25]th Anniversary parade in Germantown, [PA] [graphic].

[Spring Lake and Villa Park tram stuck in a flooded area, near Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Wakefield – The “Hunt,"

Main Building - north entrance.

Penn Hotel & Denny's harness shop. [graphic] / On stone by W.H. Rease 17 1/2 S. 5th St.

ASSU Illustration 7084

Art Gallery and Memorial Hall, March 7,1876.

Mounted cavalry soldier woodcut

Man leading stallion woodcut

Union soldier attacking Confederate soldier woodcut

Transporting cannon woodcut