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Beautiful sunken gardens. Fairmount Park, Philadelphia

Floral Hall - West End

Horticultural Building - portico.

Horticultural Hall.

Century Plant - Floral Hall.

Latonia Barbonica - Floral Hall.

Horti: Hall West Promenade

Miss Foley's Marble Fountain, Horticultural Hall

Floral Hall - Horticultural Building.

Horticultural Hall - southeast view.

Floral Hall - Horticultural Building

Horticultural Hall from W. End.

Portico of Horticultural Hall

Horticultural Hall - S.E. view.

Horticultural Hall Interior, From N. Gallery

Horticultural Hall.

Horticultural Hall from W. Gallery

Horticultural Hall, Interior.

Phoenicia Doclylifera - Floral Hall.

Floral Hall - Horticultural Building.

Floral Hall - Horticultural Building.

Ceroxcylon Nevium - Floral Hall.

[Garden near Horticultural Hall, West Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

Anniversary designs. Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.

Horticulural Building - S.W. Forcing Room.

Rhododendrons Horticultural Grounds

Pandanus Javanicus Variegates

Horticultural Building - Floral Hall - April

Horticultural Hall, from Grounds

Horticultural Building - S.E. Forcing Room.

Horticultural Grounds from W. Promenade

Latonia Barbonica, Floral Hall

Floral Hall West Passage

Horti: Building Promenade

Horticultural Hall

Moranta Zabrina, Floral Hall.

Floral Hall - Horticultural Building.

Horti: Hall from Municipal B.

Horti: Hall - East Front

Horticultural Hall - S.E. View

Horticultural Hall from Grounds

Latonia Barbonica - Floral Hall

Horticultural Building West Front

Horti: Grounds from Horti: HHorti[cultural]: Grounds from Horti[cultural]: H[all]

Horticultural Hall postcards.

Horticultural Hall postcards.

[Horticultural Hall, from garden, West Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

Horticultural Hall.

Horticultural Hall interior from west end.

Horticultural Hall - East Front.