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In sixteen eighty two, you surely have heard how William Penn and honest treaty made. All good Indians mourn him still and remember his proclamation of good will to use the Enterprise bone, shell, and corn mill.

In eighteen fourteen, Scott, the Indian hero, made red hot work for the red men-yes and redder himself he cooled with Juleps, cold as zero iced by the famous Enterprise ice shredder.

J.W. LeMaistre. No. 48 N. Eighth St., Philadelphia, : [graphic] : Embroideries, laces, white goods, real and Nottingham lace curtains, corsets, gloves, &c.

[Geo. S. Harris & Sons print specimens]

“Universal family” Soapine, Kendall Mfg. Co., Providence, R.I. [graphic].

[Civil War drawings and cartes de visite reproductions of drawings by Henry Louis Stephens] [graphic].

The Hunters three and O.N.T. [graphic].