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West Philadelphia Manufacturing Cos. starch & farina works. Chestnut & Bridgewater Streets, Philadelphia. Refined pearl starch & corn farina. [graphic] / James Queen.

[James Lane's stove store, No. 218 North Third Street, Philadelphia] [graphic] / Drawn on stone by W. H. Rease, 17, Sth. 5th St. Phil.

[Western Paper Hangings Establishment, 501 Market Street, Philadelphia.] [graphic] / Drawn on stone by Wm. H. Rease, 17 South 5th St.

H. P. & W. C. Taylor perfumers [graphic] / W. Dreser, delt. & lith.

Moyer & Hazard, successors of Alexander Fullerton, 174 Market Street, fifth door above Fifth Street, Philadelphia [and] Elijah Bowen, wholesale & retail hat & cap store, No. 176 Market Street, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Finn & Burton's paper hangings warehouse No 142, Arch St. Phila. [graphic] / W. H. Rease No. 17 So. 5th St.

[Donnelly's steam patent match manufactory, Linden Street near the Stone Bridge, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[C. F. Mansfield. Paper hangings. Wholesale and retail, 275 South Second Street, Philadelphia] [graphic] / Drawn on stone by R. F. Reynolds, Philada.

[J. Willis, shoe manufactory, 241 Arch Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Charles Gilbert's stove manufactory, 249 North Second Street, Philadelphia] [graphic] / Drawn by W. H. Rease, 17 So. 5th Str. Phila.

[Garden & Brown, silk & fur hat manufactory, 196 Market Street, Philadelphia] [graphic] / On stone by W. H. Rease, 17 So. 5th. St.

[Burton & Laning paper hanging manufactory, 6th Street above Camac, Philadelphia] [graphic] / On stone by Rease & Schell No. 17 Sth. 5th St. Phila.

Abbott & Lawrence. Liberty Stove Works, Brown Street above Fourth St. Philada. [graphic] / Drawn & lithd. by A. Kollner.

H. B. McCalla, successor to the late Andrew McCalla, No. 252 Market St. First hat & cap store below 8th St. south side, Philadelphia. [graphic] / On stone by R. F. Reynolds No. 30, So. 5th. St. below Walnut 4th. story.

Town & Brother, manufacturers and dealers leather belting & lace leather, rubber goods, belting, packing, hose, gaskets, tubing, door mats, &c. Rubber clothing, boots and shoes. Stationers and druggists sundries: erasive rubber, elastic bands, nursery she

Bought of French & Richards, wholesale druggists, north-west corner of Market and Tenth Sts., wholesale agents for Silver's plastic fire and water proof paints.

Espiritu santo. Triple extract. The most delicate, fragrant and lasting perfume of the age. Tisseau, distillateur-parfumeur, Philadelphia. Bookmark.

Dr. Roby's Brazilian Hair Curling Liquid. This preparation will cause the hair to curl beautifully, and is warranted not to injure it in the least. Prepared only by Storrs & Co. No. 21, North Sixth Street Philadelphia. For sale here.

[Joseph Feinour & Son stove store and Joseph Feinour's tin, copper brass & iron ware house 213-215 South Front Street, Philadelphia] [graphic] / W. H. Rease, 17, So. 5th St.

A. Hawley & Co., perfumers and chemists, no. 39 North Fourth Street, above Arch, Philadelphia.

Potts, Linn & Harris

Warnick & Leibrandt's Philadelphia stove works and hollow-ware foundry. First wharf above Noble St. Philadelphia. [graphic] / From nature & on stone by W. H. Rease 17 So. 5th St.

Harrison Brothers' white lead works & chemical laboratory, Philadelphia. [graphic] / On stone by W. H. Rease, 17, So. 5th. St.

[Wm. W. Clark, drug & chemical warehouse, 16 North Fifth Street, Philadelphia] [graphic] / Drawn on Stone by W. H. Rease, 17 So. 5th St.

[Francis Field & Francis, importers & dealers in tin plate & tinsmans furniture, importers & manufacturers of saddlery hardware, tin ware, tin toys & japanned wares, no. 80 Nth 2nd St., Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Edward Banister carpet warehouse and Stephen Foulk's cheap carpet & floor oil cloth warehouse, corner of Seventh and Market Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Geo. W. Ridgway, successor to Saml. P. Griffitts, Jr. Drugs [and] chemicals, N.W. corner of 9th and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Charles Oakford's hat & cap store, wholesale & retail, No. 104, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. [graphic] / Jas. Queen, delt.

[Piper & Andrews, warm air furnace manufactory. Cooking ranges. 82 North Sixth Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Charles Oakford & Sons model hat store nos 826 & 828, Chestnut Street, Continental Hotel. Philadelphia. Hats, caps & furs, wholesale & retail. [graphic] / Lith by Ibbotson & Queen, 311 1/2 Walnut St.

Charles Oakford's model hat store, 158, Chestnut Street Philadelphia. Hats, caps and furs, wholesale and retail. [graphic].

[Morocco leather manufactory, B. D. Stewart, S.E. corner of Willow Street and Old York Road, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Goodyears Rubber-Packing & Belting Company. Warehouse 104 Chestnut St. Philada. Factory Newtown, Connecticut. Belting, packing, hose, clothing, druggist-articles, etc. [graphic] / E. Luders lith.

Goodyears Rubber-Packing & Belting Company. Warehouse 104 Chestnut St. Philada. Factory Newtown, Connecticut. Belting, packing, hose, clothing, druggist-articles, etc. [graphic].

Two reams super white wove flat cap. / Halleck Mills. Manufactured expressly for Charles Magarge & Co. Philadelphia.

Henry Tolman, dealier in railway, machinists', engineers' and general supplies, also machinery and tools, No. [228] Arch Street, Philadelphia.

Robert Barker & Co. Manufacturers and wholesale druggists. Selling agents for Barker's H&C Powder & N&B Liniment. 135 Arch Street.

Bought of William A. Whittem, apothecary, dealer in segars, stationery &c. Opposite rail road depot.

J.T. Moore, wholesale dealer & manufacturer's agent, wooden-ware, baskets, brooms, brushes, twine, cordage, &c. No. 235 South Front Street, Philadelphia.

Geo. Rehfuss & Sons, mech. eng's, manufacturers of light machinery of every description. Dental and surgical instruments. Inventors of special machinery, Tiernan Street, below Wharton, Philadelphia, Pa. Residence, 1316 S. Broad St.

Robert Reid, machinist, 42, 44 & 46 E. Canal Street, below Front, Philadelphia, Pa.

Philadelphia Machinery Company, 1819 to 1827 Montgomery Ave., Philadelphia, Penna.

Vankirk & Co. Philadelphia.

Vankirk & Co. Philadelphia. [graphic] / Boell, eng.

Eagle Iron Works. Hoff & Fontaine, founders, and manufacturers of steam engines, patent steam stocking presses, pumps, patent hoisting machines, pulleys, hangers, couplings, shafting and mill gearing, general machinists, boiler makers & millwrights, No. 1

The coming power. "Swiftsure soap." Compliments of Ecker & Co., Otis & Holman Sts., Phila., Pa.

Charles Diedrichs, manufacturer of braiding, cord, & whip machinery, & machinery in general, No. 31 Vine St., Philadelphia.

Matthew H. Fifield, machinist, light "special" machinery and models. Also tools for jewelers, silversmiths, dentists and sheet metal workers, No. 3015 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

To Read & Sutters, dr. Chair manufacturers, S.W. cor. Front & Green Streets, No. 536 North Front St., ware room second story.