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Small child sitting on a blanket on a wooden step, Philadelphia.

Infant standing in child's chair, Philadelphia.

Infant sitting on wooden steps, Philadelphia.

Infant sitting on pillow on doorstep, Philadelphia.

Two women with infant sitting on stoop, Philadelphia.

Mother holding infant, Philadelphia.

Infant in baby carriage with netting, Philadelphia.

Child sitting in a wheeled scooter, Philadelphia.

Three women and infant sitting on doorstep, Philadelphia.

Infant sitting on wooden steps, Philadelphia.

Young mother holding infant standing in front of church, Philadelphia.

Young man in sailor uniform holding infant on wooden stoop, Philadelphia.

Woman with infant sitting on steps, Philadelphia.

Woman holding child standing outside a brick and brownstone house, Philadelphia.

Two girls with an infant sitting on wooden steps of wooden house, Philadelphia.

Infant in baby carriage, Philadelphia.

Smiling woman with infant sitting on her lap, Philadelphia.

Woman with infant in front of stone porch, Philadelphia.

Woman with curly hair holding infant, Philadelphia.

Man, baby boy, and two puppies on a stone porch, Philadelphia.

Infant in wicker baby carriage, Philadelphia.

Young man and child in front of brick wall, Philadelphia.

Boy with baby on old marble steps, Philadelphia.

Twin babies in a wicker baby coach, Philadelphia.

Parents and daughter in a country setting, Philadelphia.

Infant in wicker carriage on sidewalk, Philadelphia.

The pious Mr. All-bone, taking leave of his directors previous to his departure for Europe. [graphic].