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Dey's de irons to make de angels' robes white and smooth in de colored folk's heaven. [graphic].

West Philadelphia Sadiron Works, M.L. Keen & Brother, Proprietors.

When Alden wooed the fair Priscilla for his friend. In sixteen twenty six by Plymouth Rocks environs. The course of true love, rough at first, was at the end. As smooth as if they'd used the Enterprise sad irons.

[Enterprise Manufacturing Company of Pennsylvania trade cards]

Muzzy's sun gloss starch. Elkhart Starch Co. [graphic].

Tuesday. Yes my heart is light, for de close iron white, and dat is jist what tickles me, for without Higgins' soap, you have'nt any hope, so please to take pattern by me [graphic].

Old processee starchee no goodee. It smellee rots & makee shirts yellee.” "I will never use any other but the New Process Starch." New Process Starch. Manufactured only by the Firmenich Manufacturing Company, Peoria, Ill. [graphic].

Use Muzzy's starch [graphic].

A Chinese laundry in Philadelphia [graphic].

Celluloid waterproof collars, cuffs & shirt bosoms. [graphic] : Economical, durable, handsome.

No more Chinese cheap labor. Celluloid cuffs, collars & bosoms. [graphic].