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Island in Hamilton Harbor, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Front St. Hamilton from window of Mr. Allen's (U.S. Consul) office, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Dock & crowd from hurricane deck of Orinoco, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Front St. & wharves from Eastern shed showing Paget Ferry steps, [Hamilton, Bermuda] [graphic].

Hamilton Hotel from an eminence to the S.E. cor. Reid & Burnaby Sts., [Bermuda] [graphic].

Hamilton hotel from S.E. (an eminence) [natural elevation] near the lower shore on E. side of Baranby St. [Bermuda] [graphic].

Wharf & shed, St. Georges from water, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Point of Rocky Island, Spanish Point, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Looking through Natural Arch, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Looking through Natural Arch, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Leaving wharf, Hamilton, from hurricane deck of the Trinidad. [Bermuda] [graphic].

Rocks on West coast of Ireland Island near Moondynce wharf, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Front St. & the Trinidad at dock from W. Hamiltons, Bermuda [graphic].

Laying passenger stage out to the Orinoco. From forward spar-deck of vessel, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Laying passenger stage out to the Orinoco, from forward spar-deck of vessel, [Bermuda] [graphic].

[Laying passenger stage out to the Orinoco, From forward spar-deck of vessel, Bermuda] [graphic].

Crowd at sports at Princess Hotel, [Hamilton, Bermuda] [graphic].

Gibbs Hill lighthouse. [Bermuda] [graphic].

Water St[reet] St. Georges from Cisterion H., [Bermuda] [graphic].

Century Plant in bloom, Hungry Bay, [Paget, Bermuda] [graphic].

Godet's house, Paget , looking up roadway, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Godet's house, side view, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Watercatch at head of Hamilton Harbor, [Opposite Mr. Trimingham's house, Bermuda] [graphic].

Mr. Trimingham's house at head of the harbor, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Mrs. Hall's house near Mt. Langson, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Victoria Park from 2nd story of Hamilton Hotel, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Easter lillies at General Hasting's place, [Bermuda] [graphic].

View from Gibbs Hill toward Spanish point of Great Sound & islands. Spectacle Is[land] in foregr[oun]d. [Bermuda] [graphic].

[Shoreline at Hamilton with T. Miles Ice House Office and hotel, Bermuda] [graphic].

Walking the greased pole at the Princess [Hotel, Hamilton, Bermuda] [graphic].

Landing steps foot of Queen St. Hamilton, W. from shed, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Balanced rock near Hungry Bay, South Shore, [Paget, Bermuda] [graphic].

View on N. shore road, N. of Erawl, Castle Harbor & St. George I[sland] in distance, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Ordinance Island & shed. St. Georges, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Small bay near St. Georges, Fort George in view, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Old Devonshire Church from graveyard. With Bradley, Mr. French & Mr. Edson. [Bermuda] [graphic].

Old Devonshire church from a point further N.E. than last, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Dispatch with our party on board at Somerset Wharf, (Mangrove Bay) [Bermuda] [graphic].

Trinidad leaving dock, landing stage being taken down, [Bermuda] [graphic]

Dry Dock & Flag ship Northampton from S. of camber, taken from "Dispatch," [Bermuda] [graphic].

Shore of Hamilton Harbor near Pitts Bay, W. of Princess H[otel], [Bermuda] [graphic].

Building the bridge to the Trinidad. No. 1 [Bermuda] [graphic].

[Building the bridge to the Trinidad. Bermuda] [graphic].

[Building the bridge to the Trinidad. Bermuda] [graphic].

Trinidad at dock from the point, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Trinidad leaving for New York, [Bermuda] [graphic].

St. Ann[e]'s Church, Southampton, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Ellis Harbor & Wreck Hill from fort on Scaur Hill, Somerset, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Ellis Harbor & Wreck Hill from Scaur Hill fort, [Bermuda] [graphic].

Sea & Islands west from Scaur Hill Fort, [Bermuda] [graphic].