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[Philadelphia Bourse construction]

[714-716 N. 10th Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[African American worker at a work site near the Trenton Elevated Railroad Bridge in Philadelphia.]

[Forrest Theatre prior to demolition for the construction of the Fidelity-Philadelphia Trust Company building at the southeast corner of Broad and Sansom streets, Philadelphia ]

[N. Helverson undertaker, 93 Coates Street, Philadelphia]

[William P. Cresson's foundry, Willow above Thirteenth Street, Philadelphia]

[Conrad & Roberts hardware & cutlery, 123 N. Third Street, Philadelphia]

[Artist's study for an unfinished house in Chesnut [sic] Street. Philadelphia] [graphic].

An unfinished house, in Chesnut [sic] Street Philadelphia [graphic] / Drawn Engraved & Published by W. Birch & Son ; Sold by R. Campbell & Co. No. 30 Chesnut [sic] Street Philada. 1800.

[An unfinished house, in Chestnut Street Philadelphia] [graphic] / Drawn Engraved & Published by W. Birch & Son ; Sold by R. Campbell & Co.No. 30 Chesnut [sic] Street. Philada.

Cornelius & Baker, 181 Cherry Street, Philadelphia. Manufacturers of lamps, gas fixtures etc.

Decatur Street from Jones Hotel [graphic].

[William Newell. Store. No. 3 So. Water Street, Philadelphia]

The Bergner & Engel Brewing Co., Philadelphia.

[Donnelly's steam patent match manufactory, Linden Street near the Stone Bridge, Philadelphia]

[Jordan & Brother, wholesale grocers, No. 121 North Third Street, Philadelphia.]

Alexander Young, grain distiller, South Street, above Fourth, Phila.

Hood & Noblitt. No. 121 Nth. 10th St above Race, Philadelphia

Pascal Iron Works, Morris Tasker & Morris

[James S. Mason & Co., 108 North Front Street, challenge blacking, ink &c. manufactory]

[P. Maison's biscuit bakery, 134 N. Front Street, Philadelphia.]

New Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane building, Pa.

New Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane building, Pa.

New Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane building, Pa. [graphic] / Langenheim.

[Employees of the Philadelphia Grain Elevator Company's Twentieth Street elevator]

[Construction of railroad tracks in Philadelphia, September 6, 1922]

[Broad Street Station fire, Philadelphia, June 12, 1923]

[Broad Street Station fire, Philadelphia, June 1923]

[Aftermath of the Broad Street Station fire, Philadelphia, June 1923]

The port, Philadelphia. Loading ships from cars.

[22nd Street, west side north of Market Street, Philadelphia]

Joseph J. Cana[v]an morocco factory Philadelphia. [graphic].

[Morocco leather manufactory, B. D. Stewart, S.E. corner of Willow Street and Old York Road, Philadelphia]

Rosengarten & Sons, Manufacturing Chemists, Philadelphia.

[Piper & Andrews, warm air furnace manufactory. Cooking ranges. 82 North Sixth Street, Philadelphia]

H. B. McCalla, successor to the late Andrew McCalla, No. 252 Market St. First hat & cap store below 8th St. south side, Philadelphia.

[Benjamin H. Shoemaker, French Plate Glass Depot, 205-211 North Fourth Street, Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

The sea and the ships.

Robert Wood's steam iron railing works, Ridge Road above Buttonwood St, Philadelphia.

John Bancroft, Jr. soap and candle manufactory. No. 19, Wood St. betw. 2nd & 3rd Sts. & Vine and Callowhill Sts. Philadelphia.

Robert Wood's railing, architectural & ornamental iron works, Ridge Road below Spring Garden St., Philadelphia.

F.A. Poth Brewing Company, Philadelphia.

Elevation plan of Granite St. buildings and those connecting with Walnut, Dock and Front Streets.

Bennett & Co. Tower Hall, clothing bazaar No. 182 Market St, between Fifth & Sixth. Philadelphia.

Cornelius, Baker & Co. manufacturers of lamps, chandeliers, gas fixtures etc.

Keystone Marble Works. S. F. Jacoby & Co., Market St. betw. 20th & 21st Philadelphia.

Franklin Iron Works. Sutton & Smith's iron foundry, Franklin Street between Second and Front Streets, Philadelphia