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Females hoeing [graphic].

Harvest in Wanyamézi [graphic].

Coke burning - Alleghenies.


Tobacco - Virginia

On a Virginia turnpike

Cotton plantation scene.

Digging potatoes with modern machinery

Frank & his darkies. A wagon load of beets just in from the field

Cotton pressing in Louisiana [graphic] / A Hill del. ; Peirce sc.

Tobacco plantation [graphic].

[Men husking corn]

Portable type 'G' stone loader, Field, Barker & Underwood, Philmont, Pa.

[Employees of the Philadelphia Grain Elevator Company's Twentieth Street elevator]

[East River Pier 20, New York, N.Y.]

[N. Helverson undertaker, 93 Coates Street, Philadelphia]

[William P. Cresson's foundry, Willow above Thirteenth Street, Philadelphia]

[Conrad & Roberts hardware & cutlery, 123 N. Third Street, Philadelphia]

[Artist's study for an unfinished house in Chesnut [sic] Street. Philadelphia] [graphic].

An unfinished house, in Chesnut [sic] Street Philadelphia [graphic] / Drawn Engraved & Published by W. Birch & Son ; Sold by R. Campbell & Co. No. 30 Chesnut [sic] Street Philada. 1800.

[An unfinished house, in Chestnut Street Philadelphia] [graphic] / Drawn Engraved & Published by W. Birch & Son ; Sold by R. Campbell & Co.No. 30 Chesnut [sic] Street. Philada.

Cornelius & Baker, 181 Cherry Street, Philadelphia. Manufacturers of lamps, gas fixtures etc.

Decatur Street from Jones Hotel [graphic].

[Silas McMinn residence, Lake Idaho?]

Picking cotton

Sandeago - Cuba

"Dat corn takes a might site a hoe'in"

Emancipated slaves can take care of themselves [graphic].

[African American construction crew installing a utility pole]

[Group portrait of brick masons]

[Working plaster sculpture of D.C. French and E.C. Potter Columbian Exposition statue of African American teamster with work horse]

[Philadelphia Bourse construction]

[Construction crew near railroad tracks, July 8, 1904]

Picking cotton [graphic] / J.W. Orr N.Y.

Carrying cotton to the gin [graphic] / J.W. Orr N.Y.

Cotton gin -- Ginning cotton [graphic].

[714-716 N. 10th Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[William Newell. Store. No. 3 So. Water Street, Philadelphia]

The Bergner & Engel Brewing Co., Philadelphia.

[Donnelly's steam patent match manufactory, Linden Street near the Stone Bridge, Philadelphia]

[Jordan & Brother, wholesale grocers, No. 121 North Third Street, Philadelphia.]

Alexander Young, grain distiller, South Street, above Fourth, Phila.

Hood & Noblitt. No. 121 Nth. 10th St above Race, Philadelphia

Pascal Iron Works, Morris Tasker & Morris

[James S. Mason & Co., 108 North Front Street, challenge blacking, ink &c. manufactory]

[P. Maison's biscuit bakery, 134 N. Front Street, Philadelphia.]

Uncle Ned's school [graphic].

Building the bridge to the Trinidad. No. 1 [Bermuda] [graphic].

[Building the bridge to the Trinidad. Bermuda] [graphic].