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Chamounix Lake postcards.

[Pond, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia]

Sweet Brier Lake.

Centennial Lake postcards.

[Duck pond with swans, Fairmount Park] [graphic].

Centennial Exhibition, Philadelphia.

[West bank of the Schuylkill River from Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia]

Pond lilies and rustic bridge, artificial lake, Fairmount Park postcards.

Miniature yachts, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.

Victoria regia, Phila., Pa.

Bird's eye view from observatory, George's Hill, F't P'k.

Centennial grounds looking east.

Fountain, arch and stand-pipe at Fairmount Park, Philada.

Pennsylvania Day.

Pennsylvania Day.

Birdseye view from M.B.

Views at De Silverwood. Near Holmesburg, Pa.

Colossal hand and torch "Liberty".

Colossal hand and torch "Liberty".

Lake from Mach. Hall.