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ASSU Illustration 3294

Dolly's wash-day.

Holland Laundry Incorporated, cor. 17th and Cayuga Sts., Philadelphia

Washing Department. Brighton Laundry 6th & Race.

Court off Ellsworth St. No. side E of 10 St. [graphic].

Lavine, Hartford Chemical Works, 30 Union Place. Try Lavine for washing.

Don't tell me you won't wash.

Don't get the clothes too blue!

The "new man" on Blue Monday.

The new woman--wash day.

A group of young hill climbers of Manyunk [sic] with a background of overlapping roofs, to say nothing of a weekly wash. [graphic].

[Behind row houses in Italian and Syrian neighborhood at 10th and Ellsworth Sts., Philadelphia]. [graphic].

The celluloid corset clasps side & dress steels.

Celluloid cuffs, collars & bosoms, water & perspiration proof [graphic].

Old processee starchee no goodee. It smellee rots & makee shirts yellee.” "I will never use any other but the New Process Starch." New Process Starch. Manufactured only by the Firmenich Manufacturing Company, Peoria, Ill. [graphic].

Use Muzzy's starch [graphic].

Lady of the House.

"Have dinner at one dear."

I tell you, sure de best place to buy pianos, organs, or any kind o' musical merchandise is at Link & Bond's, 20 East Market Street, York, PA. An' dat's a certain fact. [graphic].

The Laundry Woman.

Home Guard.

The new woman--wash day.

Game of Dr. Busby [graphic].

J. & P. Coats thread. Come in Topsey out of the rain. You’ll get wet. Oh! it won’t hurt me missy I’m like Coats black thread de color won’t come off by wettin [graphic].

[Chas. McKeone & Son Soap Manufacturing Co. trade cards]

[Chas. McKeone & Son Soap Manufacturing Co. trade cards]

[Chas. McKeone & Son Soap Manufacturing Co. trade cards]

Day's soap does it. [graphic] : Washee, washee, see him rub on his washboard in the tub; see him wash and smile with glee for he's from hard labor free; with Day's soap his work is done when his rivals just begun. / Avil & Co. lith.

A Chinese laundry in Philadelphia [graphic].

Celluloid waterproof collars, cuffs & shirt bosoms. [graphic] : Economical, durable, handsome.

No more Chinese cheap labor. Celluloid cuffs, collars & bosoms. [graphic].

Smith Brothers chemically pure Borax.

The Universal clothes wringer. What Dina, six o'clock and not done yet! And look at these torn clothes. Oh mistis de wringing am awful, always tear de clothes 'spect dat I neber get through

Your home is not complete without the Missouri Steam Washer. The best washing machine in the world. Johnston Bro's. St. Louis. Philadelphia.

The Universal clothes wringer [graphic].

Monday morning or the tender passion. [graphic].

Monday. Monday is de wash day, an I neber sulk or mope, becase de close am nice and clean, by using Higgins' soap [graphic].

Muzzy's sun gloss starch. Elkhart Starch Co. [graphic].

Smith brothers chemically pure Borax. [graphic].

Tuesday. Yes my heart is light, for de close iron white, and dat is jist what tickles me, for without Higgins' soap, you have'nt any hope, so please to take pattern by me [graphic].

“Universal family” Soapine, Kendall Mfg. Co., Providence, R.I. [graphic].