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Lecture Saturday evening, May 28th, at Sansom St. Hall. : Come one and all, ladies and gentlemen, and hear the condition of the South by one that has just made his escape from there. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Lecturing to commence at 8. Admittance, 50 cent

Drunk on cold water. : Admiral D.D. Porter, General A.H. Terry, Sherman--Grant--Lee--and other distinguished persons, by impression will be present at the wonderful exhibitions in the large saloon of the Assembly Buildings: on Thursday, Friday and Saturda

Sanford's new Opera House Race Street, above Second. Monday, Jan. 16th, : and every evening during the week Funston's great art wonder of the age. Change of views each evening! The new stereoscopian! which has produced an unparalleled sensation in San Fra

Lecture. : "Our glorious country, the United States, foretold in the Holy Scriptures," clearly delinieated, described & located, / by Prof. Strowbridge, chaplain from the United States Army. Proceeds for the sick, wounded and destitute soldiers. The profe

Prof. C.C. Schaeffer will repeat his lecture on Hamlet, : the first of his course, for the benefit of U.S. Sanitary Commission, with diagrams, (free) at the hall of the university, Ninth Street, above Chestnut, on Friday, June 24, 1864, at 5 o'clock, P.M.

This eve'ng at 8 o'clock the wonderful stereopticon! : Exhibited for fifteen successive weeks, at the Assembly Buildings. This is a novel and intellectual entertainment, which has received the unqualified approval of distinguished scientific men, traveler

Odd Fellows' Hall, Frankford Benefit of the National Cornet Band! : The original, mammoth, justly celebrated and wonderful stereopticon (copyrighted by P.E. Abel, Philadelphia.) Manager, John Toy Business agent, W.H. Sargent Lecturer, E.E. Hulfish, Esq. O

A lecture under the auspices of the People's Literary Institute, : for the benefit of the Volunteer Refreshment Saloons of Philad'a, will be delivered at Concert Hall, Tuesday evening, Dec. 3d, by Bayard Taylor, Esq. Subject--"The American people." Ticket

Assembly Buildings corner of Tenth and Chestnut Streets. In aid of the Great Central Fair for the U.S. Sanitary Commission, by section E², C.H.S. : The original mammoth stereopticon (copyrighted by P.E. Abel, Philadelphia.) The most thrilling and comprehe

Civil War Volunteer Saloons and Hospitals Ephemera Collection. 1861-1868 (inclusive).