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Liberty [graphic] / Photo. and published by H.W. Horton, 5 Summer St., Boston.

Union and Liberty [graphic] / H. Whateley; [T. Sinclair's Lith. Phila.]

Old Liberty Bell.

[Practical slavery and professional liberty] [graphic] / Barralet del. ; Edwin sc.

Reward of merit

One flag, one country. [graphic] : Constitution & laws.

[The morning dream] [graphic].

Soyez libres et citoyens [graphic] / Rouvier, P. del ; Boily, C. sc.

The monument to liberty to be erected in Independence Square, Philadelphia, designed by William W. Story.

Outline of the monument to liberty to be erected in Independence Square, Philadelphia

Our relations at home and abroad.

The Liberty Bell, Phila. Pa.

Independence Hall, which first proclaimed Freedom, as "government by the people," -- Philadelphia.

Liberty Bell, State House, Philadelphia.

Exeter Hall. The Lion weeps: "Is he not a bird and a brother?" [graphic]

Grand tableau of the future. The little child, Liberty, shall lead them. [graphic]

For the precise period at which this occurred, consult history. [graphic]

The Eagle vindicates the Monroe Doctrine in Mexico. [graphic]

Introduction of Master Swamp Angel: the Lion pockets his Rams. [graphic]

Grand combat between the Eagle and the Wolf. [graphic]

The arming of the Wolf by his faithful squire. [graphic]

Which temporarily astonished even the Gallic Cock. [graphic]

Who responded with warlike vigor when the Lion caved. [graphic]

The Mexican Vulture garroted by the Gallic Cock. [graphic]

On England's muggy shore a surly lion gave a grievous roar! [graphic]

Which he forgets in the embrace of the belligerent Wolf of the C.S.A. [graphic]

Northern coat of arms. [graphic]

J. Smith, manufacturer of fine cigars, and dealer in tobacco, snuff, pipes, &c. 720 West Dauphin Street, near 4th and 8th Sts. depot, Philadelphia.

Collection of Red Cross and World War I Pins

Truth shall make you free [graphic] / Engraved by P. Reason.

[Centennial Memorial]

[In commemoration of the centennial anniversary of our nation's birth.]

Liberty Displaying the Arts and Sciences, or The Genius of America Encouraging the Emancipation of the Blacks

F. Keeler, daguerreotype and stereoscope rooms, No. 276 Market Street, above Eighth, S. side, Philadelphia.

The Liberty Bell, leaving Philadelphia for Boston, June 15th, 1903.

Libertas Americana

"Raising the liberty pole"

The old Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pa.

The old Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pa., U.S.A.

[Liberty Bell in the Assembly Room, Independence Hall, 520 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia]

[The Liberty Bell]

The old Liberty Bell.

In remembrance of the one hundredth anniversary of the independence of the United States.

Centennial buildings at Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Penn.

Browne, Liberty, 1776-1831

Hand in Hand Fire Company, first grand citizens dress ball [graphic] : To be given Friday March 26th 1847, at the upper saloon of the Museum Building in honor of the celebration of the anniversary of the Fire Association

Northern Liberty Fire Company. No. 1. Instituted May 1st 1756. Incorporated March 18th 1833.