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Interior of the Ridgway Building

Women's Room of the Juniper and Locust Street Building.

Library and Surgeon's Hall, Fifth-street

Juniper and Locust Street Building.

Model for the Ridgway Library

Franklin's statue, Philadelphia Library.

Phila[delphia] Library [Company], Locust & Juniper Sts. [graphic].

Franklin's statue, Philadelphia Library.

Costume des Quakers

Philadelphia Library.

Mercantile Library.

[Library Company of Philadelphia, southeast corner Fifth and Chestnut streets, Philadelphia]

East view. Looking down Chestnut St. across the Delaware. Camden N.J. in the distance.

Philadelphia Library. On the northeast corner of Fifth and Library street.

Mercantile Library. [graphic].

Old Phila[delphia] Library, 5th & Library Sts from Independence Sq[uare] being torn down for Drexel's new building [graphic].

Library Company of Philadelphia scrapbook