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Library Company Blue Plate

Glass Panel with Library Company's Seal

Facade of 1314 Locust Street Building

Interior of the Ridgway Building

Women's Room of the Juniper and Locust Street Building.

Library and Surgeon's Hall, Fifth-street

Juniper and Locust Street Building.

Engraving Plate for Large Library Company Bookplate

Engraving Block for Small Library Company Bookplate

Library Company Fire Buckets


Seal of the Union Library Company

Library Tables

Candle Lantern

Morris, Thomas

Keen, Reynold

Hewes, Josiah

Attmore, William

Abbot, George Maurice

Hughes, John, Jr.

Sprogell, Ludowick

Campbell, George, Jr., -1855

Parker, Joseph

Parke, Thomas

Tuckniss, Robert

DeMauregnault, John

Model for the Ridgway Library

Copper Cent Coin

Engraving Plate for Library Company Letterhead

Cornerstone of Library Company Building at Fifth and Chestnut Streets

Fireplace Tiles

Windsor Chairs

[Ridgway Building, Philadelphia]

Brockden, Charles

Browne, Isaac

Coates, Samuel

Furnis, Anthony

Morris, Anthony, Jr.

Tomkins, John

Mark, James

Peller, James

Roberts, John

Stamper, John

Williams, Isaac

Andrews, Ephraim

Bard, John D.

Dorsey, John

Marshall, Christopher

Nicholas, Lewis