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[Photographic reproduction of a caricature of Abraham Lincoln attired as an elderly woman] [graphic].

A bitter "draught" [graphic].

[Abraham Lincoln caricature satirizing the draft] [graphic].

The negro on the brain. [graphic].

Our bleeding country's infernal revenue stamps. [graphic] / ["I say internal ought to be spelt with a T, boss says it hadn't] Printers Devil.


I wish I was in Dixie [graphic].


Writing the Emancipation Proclamation

"I found when a grocer's boy," Honest Abe said "Prosperity's line, if you'd cross it, give always good measure, save labor and use the self measuring, Enterprise faucet."

Abraham's dream! : "Coming events cast their shadows before." [graphic].

Grinning for the presidency. [graphic].

[Enterprise Manufacturing Company of Pennsylvania trade cards]

The question settled. [graphic] / Geo. Whiting, 87 Fulton St. New York; Phelps & Watson, 18 Beekman St. New York.

Cartes de visite satirizing the Civil War revenue systems [graphic].

Emancipation. [graphic] / Th. Nast; King & Baird, Printers, 607 Sansom Street, Philadelphia.

Worship of the North. [graphic]

The rail candidate. [graphic]

"The nigger" in the woodpile. [graphic]

The national game. Three "outs" and one "run" [graphic] : Abraham winning the ball.

Civil War stationery collection

An heir to the throne, or the next Republican candidate. [graphic]

Political "Blondins" crossing Salt River [graphic].

"The irrepressible conflict" or the Republican barge in danger. [graphic]

[Michael Zinman world's fairs collection]