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Pennsylvania State Agricultural Society. [life membership certificate]

[U.S. Wind Engine and Pump Co. trade cards]

My country residence. [graphic].

Pennsylvania State Agricultural Society [diploma]

Pennsylvania State Agricultural Society [diploma]

Diploma awarded by the Lebanon County Agricultural and Horticultural Society. [graphic]

Pennsylvania State Agricultural Society [certificate]

Diploma of the Pennsylvania State Agricultural Society.

P.S. Duval & Son lithographers. S.W. corner 5th and Minor street. Philadelphia.

This diploma

International live stock exhibition, Philad'a., 1876

East Pennsylvania Agricultural & Mechanical Society.

Diploma awarded by the Farmers & Mechanics Institute of Northampton County Pa. [blank] annual fair at Easton, [blank]. [Blank], Secy. [Blank] Prest. [graphic] / James Queen del.

A strike! A strike! [graphic] / C.

The Delaware County Society, for the Promotion of Agriculture, Horticulture, Manufactures, and the Mechanic and Household Arts.