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O, could I weave a mystic charm

A Valentine

[Marriage certificate]

A model love-letter. : To Miss [blank] The great love that I have hitherto expressed for you....

Cold Water Cure for Bleeding Hearts.

Your Own Portrait.

Forsaken Woman.

Revengeful Lady.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows [membership certificate]

The Young Mother.

Sabbath School Handkerchief

Life in Philadelphia. The lub letter.

Life in Philadelphia. The lub letter. [graphic] / Designd & drawn by W. Summers; Hunt sculpt.

The follies of the age, vive la humbug!!

Original & selected poetry &c.

Original & selected poetry &c. [graphic] / Amy Matilda Cassey.

Original & selected poetry &c. [graphic] / Martina Dickerson.

Original & selected poetry &c.