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Henry Tolman, dealier in railway, machinists', engineers' and general supplies, also machinery and tools, No. [228] Arch Street, Philadelphia.

Geo. Rehfuss & Sons, mech. eng's, manufacturers of light machinery of every description. Dental and surgical instruments. Inventors of special machinery, Tiernan Street, below Wharton, Philadelphia, Pa. Residence, 1316 S. Broad St.

Robert Reid, machinist, 42, 44 & 46 E. Canal Street, below Front, Philadelphia, Pa.

Philadelphia Machinery Company, 1819 to 1827 Montgomery Ave., Philadelphia, Penna.

Eagle Iron Works. Hoff & Fontaine, founders, and manufacturers of steam engines, patent steam stocking presses, pumps, patent hoisting machines, pulleys, hangers, couplings, shafting and mill gearing, general machinists, boiler makers & millwrights, No. 1

Charles Diedrichs, manufacturer of braiding, cord, & whip machinery, & machinery in general, No. 31 Vine St., Philadelphia.

Matthew H. Fifield, machinist, light "special" machinery and models. Also tools for jewelers, silversmiths, dentists and sheet metal workers, No. 3015 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

A.G. Brooks, machinery exchange, 261 N. Third Street, Philadelphia, Pa., U.S.A.

The Union mower.

Snediker & Carr, practical engineers and general machinists, manufacturers of light machinery, cutting, forming and stamping dies. Power summer fans for offices, hotels & restaurants. Shafting, pullies and hangers furnished and put up at short notice. 925

Chambers, Bro. & Co., manufacturers of folding machines, also, machines that fold, paste and trim periodicals, 52d Street below Lancaster Avenue. Philadelphia. (Means of access, over.)

The Farmer Mower. / J. Pine, patentee, Troy, N.Y. Patented May and October, 1864. This machine will be repaired and extras furnished to agents and others desiring them, at the Troy Machine Shop ... Do not throw aside you old machine for a new one, for I w

Mount Joy Car Manufacturing Co.

Bridesburg Machine Works. Alfred Jenks & Son, manufacturers of cotton and wool carding spinning and weaving machinery, shafting and millgearing, Bridesburg post office Philadelphia. [graphic] / From nature & on stone by E. Beaulieu, 99 Walnut St.

Alfred Jenks & Son's machine works, Bridesburg. [graphic].

Fairmount Machine Works, office, 2106 Wood Street, Philadelphia, Penna.

A.W. Stevens & Sons, manufacturers & patentees, Auburn, New York. The new Stevens spring tooth harrow.

[The Universal Plow Company, Canton, Ohio]

Souvenir calendar and memorandum book. Compliments of McCormick Harvesting Machine Co. Chicago, Ill. [graphic].

Abrasive Company, James and Fraley Streets, Wissinoming, Philadelphia.

Dr. Hooker's medicines. : J.T. Webber & Co., druggists and apothecaries, No. 7 State Street, Springfield, Mass. Proprietors of Dr. Hooker's Cough and Croup syrup, Solidified Balsam and Liquid Balm. Dealers in patent medicines, cooking extracts, perfumery,

[Knight's patent paper machine, manufactory. A.L. Knight & Co.]

[Ford Model T truck with signage "Walker & Davis Inc., Machinists, Ruth & Cambria Sts."]

[Walker & Davis, Inc. Machinists building at Ruth & Cambria Sts.]

Merrick & Sons iron founders, boiler makers & machinists. Washington Ave. & Fifth Street, Philadelphia.

Murphy & Allison.

Iron Manufacture : boilers, steam engines, hydraulic pumps.

Machinery Hall - South Avenue from West End

Machinery Hall - South Avenue - April 13

Machinery Hall - South Avenue from East End

Machinery Hall - North Avenue from East End

Machinery Hall - North Avenue Looking East

Ethnology Building.

Aultman, Miller & Co., Akron, O. U.S.A. A happy New year, 1890. [graphic].

The beginning and the end of life (hold the picture 1 foot away for life and 20 feet for death.) Presented by William Deering & Co. Chicago, Ill. Grain & grass machinery.

American Machine Co. manufacturers of hardware specialties, N.E. cor. Lehigh Ave. amd American St., Philadelphia.

Alfred Jenks & Son's machine works, Bridesburg.

Merrick & Hijo, Succesores De Merrick & Towne, Filadelfia. = Merrick & Son, successors to Merrick & Towne, Philadelphia. = Merrick & Fils, Successeur De Merrick & Towne, Philadelphie.

Machinery Hall - North Avenue - April 1

Transept - Machinery Hall

Pump Annex - Machinery Hall

Machinery Hall - South Avenue Looking East

Machinery Hall - Russian Section

Women's Pavilion from Gallery

Steam Fire Engine Exhibit - Machinery Hall

Ice Yacht - Machinery Hall

Homer Brothers' Exhibit - Machinery Hall

Corliss Engine - Machinery Hall