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Ho! For fun! The wizard, Pettit will give an exhibition : at [blank] on [blank] evening, [blank] '64 Mothers, take your children. Children, take your parents and all of you go see Pettit, the magician.

The last night! Wizard of the East! : Splendid photograph album for the prettiest lady, and a tin cup for the ugliest man besides 100 presents! ... Admission 25 cents.

If u want 2 c the [elephant] and see the Wizard of the East! : The great jongleur, ventriloquist, &c. 100 beautiful presents!! given away--free of charge. Admission to entertainments, 25 cents.

Orthodox [Russian] Church and a much sign be-splattered home of a magician next to it at 700 no 5" St [graphic].

Catalogue of theatrical and public celebrities