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[Marriage certificate]

[Marriage certificate]

[Marriage certificate]

Marriage certificate.

Marriage certificate. : This is to certify, that Mr. [blank] and M[blank] [blank] were by me united in matrimony, this [blank] day of [blank] one thousand eight hundred and [blank] according to law, and the custom of the church. / [blank] Minister of the

[Marriage certificate]

"You brazen huzzy! You shall leave at this hour! And the least of your fault is the wasted flour."

[Scenes 6, 7, and 10 from the stereograph comic set "Mr. and Mrs. Newlywed's new French cook"]

Certificate of marriage [graphic] / Engraved and Published by Croome Meignelle & Co. Phila.

My Heart and Hand are Yours.

Bank of True Love.

The Mitten.

Hanau, Sallie Redwood Price, 1823-

Send for specimens of "orange blossom" and "rose" to Crider & Brother, York, Pa. Marriage certificates.

The marriage [graphic] / Manning del ; Hayes, G.H.. sc.


Untitled [fishing for Valentines]

The Nervous Woman.

The Taciturn

To a Baker.

Too Young to Love Bread and Butter Miss.

The Tyrant.

The Lawyer.

Soft Headed Self

Oh! For a Husband.

The bridal dance [graphic] / J.H. Goater del ; N. Orr Co. sc.

The broomstick wedding [graphic] / H.H.

"The coon" wedding march

The Old Fogie.

A Regular.

One of the Upper Ten.


Miss Sleepy-Head.

Caught Him at Last.

Married for Money

The Old Bachelor.

The Angry Woman.

The Cook.

A Son of a Gun.


The Angry Woman.

You're all aflame with woman's rights

Vain Old Fool.

An Old Granny.

Waiting for an Offer.

Tom-Boy Girl.

Book of cabinet chromos 1881 [graphic].

Mr. & Mrs. Turtledove's new French cook.

A darktown wedding, the ceremony

Johnny Q., introducing the Haytien Ambassador to the ladies of Lynn, Mass. Respectfully inscribed to Miss Caroline Augusta Chase, & the 500 ladies of Lynn who wish to marry black husbands. [graphic] / EWC.