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A Crusty Old Fellow.

To a Merchant.

A Man Crying.

Love Sick Fellow.

Soft Headed Self

The Glazier.

To a Tailor.

To a Tailor.

The Ladies Man.

Mr. Hare.

My First Cigar.

A Brainless Jackass.

Since You've Had Children

The One That Wears the Breeches.

Would-Be Woman.

Tailor and Patron Bird.

A Big Bloat.

Why you silly

An Old Granny.

Hurra! for the races

To a Snob.

A Fancy Soldier.

Don't strike and thump him, baby Dick.

I see your feet are mighty large

Complacent Officer.

The Wet-Nurse.

Home Guard.

The Exquisite.

A Poltroon.

To a Military Bobadil.

Vain Old Fool.

Do you think, you ugly man.

Wet Nurse.

You think your style is just the thing

Outer-Edge Backward.