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Ein vortressliches Mittel gegen die Wassersucht.

Ein vortressliches Mittel gegen die Wassersucht. : Nimm 4 Quart klarer süsser Seider, ... Neues Mittel wider Auszehrung. ...

Gerard van Swieten dictata in materia medica finding aid

Proclamation! Whereas, the rapidly recurring frequency of rebel raids has caused considerable alarm among the people of this commonwealth, and whereas, their just indignation has been aroused against the traitorous foe ... R. B. da Costa's West Indian Too

Pfarrer Mennigs Chur fürs wilde Feuer. : Wild Feuer, flieh, flieh, flieh. Der rothe Faden jagt dich hie. ... / Geschrieben von George Mennig.

Young, Amelia.

Lecture notes by Benjamin Rush on the Practice of medicine

Lecture notes by Benjamin Rush on the Practice of medicine: Gastritis, enteritis, splenitis, nephritis, cystitis, otalgia, hemorrhoids, opthalmia, phlogasis, gangrene, sphacelus, paronychia, anthrax, burns and frozen, hemorrhages, hemoptysis, epitasis, ho

Dr. O. Phelps Brown's acacian balsam, renovating pills, magic assimilant ethereal ointment, with full directions for use. Herbal remedies.

Medicine bottle.

Emerson, Governeur

Smith, Samuel

Christ Church Hospital

Peter Renaudet medical apprentice notebook finding aid

George Gillespie notes taken from Dr. Thomas Young’s Lectures on Midwifery finding aid

Evans, Horace

Hartshorne, Edward

Randolph, Jacob

Hartshorne, Joseph

Biddle, Thomas

Fassitt, Theodore

Bell, John

Clark, Samuel

Kitchen, James

Sandford, Benjamin, Jr.

Thomson, Peter

Drinker, Francis

Moore, Samuel

Hunt, William

McClellan, George

Kuhn, Charles

Bond, Henry

Mackie, Munroe

Klapp, Joseph

Noble, Charles

Bell, John

Bell, John

Beale, Joseph

North, Stephen

Bridges, Robert

Lecture notes by Benjamin Rush on the Practice of medicine

John A. Dorward, veterinary surgeon. Office: 1043 North Ninth St., Reading, Pa.

Dr. C.W. Kierstead's unrivalled remedy, the King of All Pain! : The great internal & external medicine, ... You will find full directions in the German and English languages, how to use the King of All Pain, on the inside wrapper of each bottle. ... Sold

Mears, Benjamin R., 1804-1888

Abbott, Griffith E.

Patterson, Robert M.

Beck, Charles F.

Hays, Isaac, 1796-1879

Levick, James J.

Evans, William